My Friend of Many Years

I was visiting with my friend, Thelma, today and noticed that I had visited with her exactly one year ago.

Last Christmas, Thelma, had received a new iPad as a gift from her daughter and son-in-law, Margo and Jeff and I was assisting her in setting it up.


I did not realize how little that I knew about iPad’s…but we finally got the job done.

I first knew, Thelma and her sons, Brent and Bart, and her daughter, Margo…during the early 1970’s when we all attended a little church together.

I marveled today at how talking with Thelma was no different than when we visited over 40 years ago.

She is still the same, sweet and considerate person, that I knew as a mere lad.

While we were visiting today I reflected on the magic of the evaporation of time and how our friendship seems that it began just a few days ago.


I thought of the many good times that I enjoyed with her sons, Brent and Bart, and the kindness and warmth of her daughter Margo and Margo’s husband, Jeff.

When Margo and Jeff gave me their Senior Photos, upon their high school graduation, I kept them in my wallet for many years.

Brent and I aspired to become ministers…at one time.

Bart is one of the most pleasant and kind human beings that it has ever been my pleasure to know.

And, so this life rolls by so very quickly…and if we are not careful…we loose track of the people that our special to us.


I have often considered that we are an eternal soul living in a not-eternal body.

The relationships that we form and the passions that we have for life and love and truth…seem to be intended for a much longer time than we are afforded on Terra Firma.

Hold your loved ones close to you this Christmas…appreciate every moment…and take a lot of pictures….things change so quickly.


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