One thing that I have discovered, as a newly minted 60 year old, life has chapters.


As a youngster my focus was on my nuclear family and my education…which I did not enjoy…until University.

As a high school graduate and living on my own I, soon became accustomed to the rhythms of responsibility and working for my food and shelter and heat and all of the rest…and walking wherever I needed to go.

Marriage came, to the love of my life,…and she was supportive of my ideas and endeavors and I wanted to please her and have her be proud of me.

Then, the birth of Aaron…and I was so proud of him and I thought that my son’s birth was so important and so significant and that my purpose in life was to be a good father and a good husband and provide for my little family.


About, two and one half years later came Jonathon…and he climbed out of his cradle and jumped on to the floor with a hearty laugh.

He picked up every chat-ski that we had and admired it and subsequently broke it.

I was the father of two sons and I could not have been happier.

And, then, came the work years and the triumphs and the struggles and the challenges of both caring for our children and our aged parents.

There were accolades and victories and accomplishments in career.

There were illness and shocks…that had to be addressed…and there was a friendship with a former chancellor and her husband that was memorable.

So, now, there is the retirement years and the communications with my former colleagues, Elizabeth, and others, and the, kind request for my ‘senior opinion’  and my ongoing concern for my University and our State and our Nation and our world.

I wonder…when life ends…if this was but a chapter in our continuing story?

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  1. Greetings of ecstatic wonderment!

    You are now the (hopefully!) pleased and proud recipient of a Token of Humanity.

    Not only does yours foolie find this token an unusually beautiful gesture of recognition in a community always willing to extend them, but — most unusually! — no action is required or requested of its happy receiver unless and until the inspiration strikes to pass it along!

    Here’s your link:

    Congratulations and, from all of us your readers, thank you.

    1. I am humbled and honored, my friend. 🌞

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