I Lost Something…Today

‘Because, let’s face it: Life is one hell of a rollercoaster ride.  At times we feel totally in charge of the journey and love the ride.  At other times we feel completely overwhelmed and want to get off.  Throughout our lives, we’re by turns strong, then weak.  We’re quite sure we know what we’re doing, and then we’re utterly and totally lost.  We feel elated, and then depressed.  We act powerfully, then feel like the victims.  We’re buoyed by courage, then scared out of our wits.  We feel part of a community, and then we feel totally alone.  We take pride in our accomplishments, then we want to crumble with shame over our mistakes.’   Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper


I have been a christian since I was 10 years old…and now I am 60.  The past 50 years have been a rollercoaster of a journey.

During my early, christian years, I wanted to be a minister and before the age of 20… I was assisting my pastor in preaching funerals.  After that time, I became the primary person in the church that preached funerals.

Over a period of years I have acted as an advisor to more than one minister and been involved in all manner of church government.

Along the wild rollercoaster ride…I had a crisis of faith…well really I have had a couple…but the last one caused me to distance myself from pastors and church work.


I was sitting in church this morning and reflecting on why do we go to church and become members of a church.

Do we believe that God has led us to the church that we are in…as well as leading our pastor to the same sanctuary?  Or are we. …a Kiwanis Club…or a Lion’s Club…or the Eagles…or the Elks…or the Odd Fellows…or the Moose?

Do we want to understand God better and his plan for our lives…or is our collegial relationships…simply business…and nothing more?


Does God have a plan for our lives or do we attend church on Sunday morning to see our friends and those who think like us?

I talked with my Pastor…the other day…well before any covenants of dissolution were signed.

My Pastor spoke…only…of her love for the people of our church…and her concern for our continued health and wellbeing and the exciting christian journey though this, rollercoaster, of life.

Not a word about her…or her wellbeing…

No words of criticism…

No words of anger….

No words of strife….

No words of division….


Now that is a Pastor….and I lost her…just after I found her.





5 responses

  1. Sad for you. But glad you met someone like this to always remember.

    1. Yes. Thank you, my friend.

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