Parker Comes Through…Again!

We have a black Labrador Retriever who’s name is, Parker.  She is eight years old and loving life.

Parker is a rescue dog.  When we got her, as a very small pup, she had been rescued from Gulley Park and had just undergone surgery to reset her broken jaw…caused by someone who had tossed her out of a moving vehicle.

We named her Parker Gulley Brooks.

During the first two years of her life she almost died more than once.

She has significant allergies and must eat special food and take monthly injections.

Parker has two, Boston Terrier Brothers, they are older than she is…but she is the boss!

Three years ago, she had surgery to remove a tumor that, happily, was just of the ‘fatty variety’ and today she has surgery again for more of those pesky fatty tumors.

When Parker decides that she wants to remain outside, in our fenced in portion of the backyard, nothing can dissuade her…but the voice of her father.  The other members of the family can call and cajole and promise and threaten…to no avail…but when the ‘old man’ says, ‘alright…ok…that’s alright…,’  she hurries inside the house.

I told Jonathon, last evening, that I would walk out onto our screened in porch and give my proclamations to Parker…who was below in her area of fun that is adjacent to the porch/deck.

Jonathan said that he could not believe that even without seeing me and just hearing my voice, Parker obeys immediately.

All of the chew bones, enough for a three dog family, are Parker’s.  If she desires one of them that her Boston brothers is enjoying…she simply barks, the most ear splitting and continuous bark that they or I have ever heard.

They quickly release their ‘toy.’  It is not worth the aural pain.

Wallace and Brody enjoy sitting on their mother’s lap…they weigh slightly over 20 pounds.

Parker, believing that she is a Boston Terrier also, lumbers on to Mom’s lap…at 70 plus pounds.

IMG_3324 4

Parker, has a specific vice, but we will not talk about that today…as we are so happy to have her beat the odds…again.

I have heard the cats have nine lives…I think I just heard Parker…meow.





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  1. So happy to hear 🙂

    1. Thank you, my friend. 🐕

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