Good Etiquette

Being of a certain age, a baby boomer, I remember when the movie, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf, premiered and it was, somewhat, scandalous in that the word bastard was used.


My Mom’s favorite movie of 1939 was, Gone With The Wind, where Rhett Butler replied to Scarlet O’Hara’s question to him, at the conclusion of the movie, ‘frankly Scarlet I don’t give a damn.’


The student who, openly cursed in school, was considered the ‘bad seed’ or ‘from the wrong side of the tracks.’

The F Word was used in only the most risqué of circumstances and it was considered a religious sacrilege to use God’s Name in Vain.

I walked out on one of the Back to the Future movies…as there were some curse words used in the dialogue.  Aaron and Jonathon have not forgotten the disappointment of the protest…to this day.

I recall when a youth never referred to their elders by their first name, unless they had been given special permission to do so by the respected senior.

When you visited a retail establishment or were served by a waiter or waitress or at anytime that you said thank you to the person serving you…there was one simple reply…you’re welcome…not, the popular, ‘no problem.’

Now, you may be thinking that Jay is old and needs to modernize.  You would be right, in many ways, but good etiquette is the oil of human interaction that keeps each of us appreciative and respectful of our mutual worth and human dignity.

When I was driving prospective chancellor candidate, Dr. Jo Ann Argersinger, from one campus appointment to another, I remember a news article on the car radio coming on…just as she entered the automobile, that was discussing former President Bill Clinton’s sexual liaison with Ms. Monica Lewinsky.  I quickly turned the radio off and I was embarrassed that Dr. Argersinger had heard any part of the broadcast as the subject matter was corse and offensive.

It seems that the current news regarding President Trump and his alleged sexual relations with both a porn star and a playmate…at one time…would have been an assault on our senses.


Chaos is the operational construct of our day and indeed our government.

We hear…sometimes daily…of additional woman and graphic details of,  in excess of, 20 women and our president.  These include accusations of, sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and hush money and non disclosure agreements, between the president and women who assert consensual sexual relationship with Mr. Trump.

The president, in his law suit against Stormy Daniels, asserts that he is Donald Trump or David Dennison…an alias.

Recently we lost one of the greatest minds of our time…or any time.  Theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking was our Albert Einstein.

Dr. Hawking was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease in 1963.

Stephen Hawking revealed more about our universe than most christian ministers and philosophies have even considered.

For any, narrow minded person and a proponent of christianity, to proclaim that Hawking would experience ‘hell’ due to his denial of God…fails to understand the magnificence of what he revealed to humanity and its’ magnification and glorification of the vastness of God.




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  1. Beautiful work, Bjay. And I can’t really imagine God looking at Stephen Hawking, and all he has been through and saying “Hell’s over there, to my left hand” either. But only God can know that. As to Hawking, have you read his A Brief History Of Time? It is truly fascinating, and so easily understandable my husband and I both enjoyed reading it and talking about it. And another simple and beautiful book is Richard Feynman the physicist’s book “surely you’re joking, Mr Feynman.” It describes his days as a student and grad student. A brilliant and fun read.

    1. Thank you, my friend. My son, Aaron, read A Brief History Of Time and enjoyed it very much. I shall make a point of reading, both, the Feynman book and Hawking’s. Thanks for the recommendations. 😁

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