I Love Aruba!

A few days ago we visited the Caribbean Island of Aruba.

We had taken a Caribbean cruise in January of 2012 with my wonderful brother-in-law, Ron, and it was nice to get the opportunity to return six years later.

In 2012 we visited the Mopa Mopa store, that was just inside the enclosed dock area for the cruise ships patron’s as they exited for their Aruba adventures.  They are the exclusive store for the art of the Quillacingas tribe, who have been using the same process for over 2000 years.

‘The masks line the walls-faces decorated with stripes and flowers streamlined with hues of crimson, muted blue, and golden yellow.  The expressions they wear are countless-staring, frowning, and grinning-their mischievous eyes waiting to tell a story.’

‘The masks give the store it’s name and they represent a culture, a tribe and a tradition.  Though the striking handmade masks appear painted, they are actually coated with naturally colored tree bud resin.’   mopamopa.com

IMG_9337IMG_9581IMG_9578We sought the fine watch and jewelry store that we had visited in 2012 to see if they had the watch that got away.  It was still there but we did not find the watch.

IMG_9330The Caribbean Islands in general and Aruba in particular has an easy…live and let live attitude and feeling among it’s inhabitants.  Once you become accustomed to the heat…I think that the life style would be compelling.

With the devastation that has hit the Caribbean in the past year…the islanders are, as always, very welcoming of tourists.  I think that all of the Caribbean relies and exists on tourist and the finances that they bring.

Mary Jane and I spoke for some time with, first the daughter, and then the mother who actually had two Mopa Mopa stores…one being at the dock and the other being a few blocks up town.  What delightful and interesting people!

I could not help but think of my buddy, Ron, when we revisited Aruba.  He throughly enjoyed his visit, with us, in 2012.  In fact he enjoyed everything about that Caribbean cruise, and especially the food on board the Caribbean Princess…he said at every meal…’this is to die for!’

I remember, so fondly, the first night of the 2012 cruise, where the waiter told us that he had a fine wine package available for us for the paltry amount of $150.00 and that included three bottles of wine that individually would sell for $500.00.  Ron exclaimed that he would take it…and I pondered that he, indeed, was enjoying his first cruise experience.

Ron, was such fun to have with us.

dscn0018When I travel…I learn…each time…that there are members of God’s creation all over the earth…that are different than me…and who are fascinating!

I am humbled by my ignorance of the splendor of the families of the earth…and my minuscule part in the story.

IMG_9128 2


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  2. Welcome back to your home land BJ! I missed your voice and was so happy to learn of your recent Aruba trip. It is nice to go back to places you once visited and compare and contrast the changes. Ron had some fun times with you back then. Great photos and I am so glad you found that watch shop, minus the watch! Have a great and restful weekend ahead. I am glad you are all back home safe and sound. Blessings.

    1. Thank you, my friend. It is great to be back and good to hear from you. 😁

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