Matching Tattoos

Brock and Marcy visited us this weekend.  As usual, it was an extremely enjoyable event!

IMG_9666IMG_9681IMG_9634IMG_9642IMG_9660We first tried on the Photo Booth paraphernalia and then sojourned to S and B’s Hamburger Restaurant to decide on our next, ‘Brooks’ move.

IMG_9620IMG_9623We decided on the way back to the house that a B signifying Brooks… Tattoo would be in order after Jonathon remarked, ‘There is Tuff Luck…do you want to get some tattoos?’

Jonathon texted his and Aaron’s life long friend, Matt Davis, who is an expert craftsman of tattoos.  I turned out that there was time, already Saturday evening, for my brother Brock and I to receive a glorious initial B tattoo to commemorate our finding each other…after so many years.

IMG_5348 2IMG_5374 2The big grins illustrate our joy in the matching tattoos and with aid of a mouth appliance that was part of a, hilarious game, that Marcy brought with them…for us to play.

IMG_5373 2I do not remember laughing so hard…in the past twenty years…as we attempted to read phrases from game cards, with the appliance in our mouths, while the others attempted to decipher what we were saying.

IMG_9592I mentioned to Matt Davis that I  had come to tattoos somewhat late in life…as I was sixty years old.  He remarked that just the other day he had given the first tattoo to a sixty-two year old gentleman.

Now I see…my ‘bad ass’ future!

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