Every Member of the SIU Community…Is Important to its Success

I have been writing about the glory and wonder of Southern Illinois University…for awhile now.

On occasion I repeat myself, a little, but I do endeavor to discover new words and a different presentation regarding one of my favorite subjects.

I ran into my friend, Dave, today.  Dave is the Superintendent of the Grounds department.  He was busily checking the progress of; mulching and grass cutting and flower planting and all things that make SIU one of the most picturesque campuses in the State of Illinois and, indeed, in the nation.

IMG_9875 2IMG_9876As you will remember, I walk the Campus daily.  Each day I am heartened by the cheerful Grounds Staff that are performing the herculean task of turning unruly mother nature…into the Garden of Eden.

IMG_9900I also saw my buddy, Ira, who works for Grounds.  He is such a pleasant person, with a perpetual smile on his face and a glowing attitude.  Ira loves SIU and he is an example of the quality professionals that work daily to transform the University into a shining Ruby.


Dave, could not say enough good things about my friend, Elizabeth, who has assisted him is so many, meaningful ways in the Grounds Department.

Elizabeth, is the rare person who has the unique combination of; tremendous intelligence/extreme efficiency/and an excellent communicator.  She is also works, unfailingly, for the betterment of Southern Illinois University.

I was a member of the Building Services department for over 32 years.  The dedication of the custodial staff is the expert and professional dedication that comes from career employees, for whom the success of SIU and the success of the student’s of SIU Carbondale…equals their success.

When I hear people speak of the diminishment of SIUC and the need to break away from it…I know that they have not met the hard working members of the Plant and Service Operations and Physical Plant Staff…

For if these critics had met them…they would know that SIU at Carbondale…has its best days…ahead!

My son, Jonathon, works at Key Control.  He not only is thrilled with his job but he and his colleagues take their job duties very seriously.

I had the pleasure of meeting, Liz, who trained Jonathon when he was hired at Key Control.  What a delightful person, she is, and a dedicated professional.

When I hear politicians and others, who seem to have a large megaphone to use in their un-informed berating and chastisement  of the SIUC Community…I realize that they have not taken the time to meet the precious members of this outstanding group of life long dedicated and experienced and polished and efficient, men and women…who without them…SIU would not exist.


IMG_9880 3

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