Good News

Have you ever noticed that when you are worried about something and subsequently receive good news, rather than the bad news that you feared, you are suddenly well rested and optimistic and ready to gird your loins and do battle with life?

So often we become obsessed with the politics and minutiae of life and we fail to realize that most of our worries and cares seem to work out and that more times than not what we were obsessed and worried about…never happens.

Perhaps you did not get the job that you interviewed for…but soon a job opportunity comes along that is better and more suited to your strengths.

As I walked the lovely SIU Campus this afternoon…I was reminded of all of the battles and challenges that our 150 year old institution of higher learning has seen.

The protests of the Vietnam War that occurred at Southern were passionate and subsequently forced the closure of the University.  Around the same time the burning of Old Main, which was the first building of Southern Illinois Normal University.

A cheerful and a can-do attitude is worth untold riches when it comes to leading and inspiring people.


Let us not ask anyone for perfection…unless we are perfect.

Or as Jesus said, ‘he that is without sin among you…let him cast the first stone.’

How about…we try to learn from our mistakes and our human failings and our inflated egos…and try to be as optimistic as the lovey photo, above, of President and Mrs. Morris?

Were they perfect…no.

Did they make mistakes…yes.

But, our wonderful Southern Illinois University at Carbondale…just kept on growing…because they believed in us…and we believed in them…and we all believed in SIU.


IMG_0130IMG_0003 2

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