Did Russia Swing the Presidential Election to Trump?

‘Clapper says he has ‘no doubt’ that Russia swung the elections.’

‘Maddow told viewers clearly exactly what that meant.’

‘He served as director of national intelligence for a 6 1/2 years, including for the duration of the Russian attack on the 2016 election.  He says that Donald Trump would not be president if not for the attack, Maddow said.’   Raw Story

In his new book, Facts and Fears: Hard Truths from a Life in Intelligence, James Clapper, the former Director of National Security,  contends that, ‘Of course the Russian efforts affected the outcome.  Surprising even themselves, they swung the election to a Trump win.  To conclude otherwise stretched logic, common sense, and credulity to the breaking point.  Less than eighty thousand votes in three key states swung the election.  I have no doubt that more votes than that were influenced by this massive effort by the Russians.’   The Washington Post

President Trump, in an interview with 60 Minutes correspondent, Leslie Stahl, told her, when she inquired why he continued to belittle the press now that he had been elected President of the United States… he said that he was demeaning the press in order that negative stories about him would not be believed by the public.

And, now, the President has ordered the Justice Department to investigate the investigators that are investigating him.  He has labeled the controversy that he has contrived, Spy Gate, and he states that ‘a lot of people are talking about it.’

This would be his modus operandi and has been so for many years.  He discredits or ‘Brands’ his opponents and constructs fake smoke screens to obfuscate the truth of the facts of his actions and deeds.

The President repeatedly states that the news media is ‘fake news’…which is a clear sign that the word fake should be replaced by ‘real or true or news that is supported by the facts.’

If you care to examine old video and television interviews of Donald Trump you will see him use the same, catch phrase, that a lot of people or everyone is talking about an issue that he disagrees with and that he wants to be turned to go his way.

Upon examination…it is difficult to find the ‘a lot of people’ or ‘the everyone’ who is speaking in favor of Mr. Trump.

The wholesale sellout and idolatry of many in the religious right when it comes to the President…is mind numbing.

President Trump has said that he has never asked for forgiveness…as he try’s to be a good person.

He is open and on film saying the most vile misogynistic statements regarding women.

He has been accused of sexual assault by nearly 20 women and some cases are in the courts currently.

He admits to  being behind the $130,000.00 hush money pay off to adult film star Stormy Daniels and used the alias of David Dennison on the written contract for silence.

Our President uses an alias on a contract to keep an adult film star silent regrading their affair!

I began my christian faith in the religious tradition of ‘holiness churches.’  These are churches that prescribe their lifestyle to a strict doctrine of a personal shunning of the worldly elements of modern society.

What has happened to the evangelical stand?

Let us consider…the President might be an extremely enjoyable person to enjoy a beer with.  I would not doubt that his friends love him and that he is a warm and personable man who can make the person that he is talking with feel welcome and appreciated and valuable to his mission.

I have an appreciation for people and leaders…that have to ‘wing it’ at times…as I have had to do so on more than one occasion.

However, never did I sacrifice the well being of others when I was unsure the direction that I needed to navigate in order to facilitate the well being of the precious people that I represented.

Please consider…when your child brings home a failing report card…is it alright and acceptable to judge it as a A+ report card and anyone who would deny it would be simply delving into fake news?

When your supervisor gives you specific instructions to complete and facilitate your advancement on the job….and you do so…is it acceptable for the boss to change the parameters of your success…on a whim…to enable their morning mania?

Do we still want a democracy that includes all peoples and ideas or do we desire a fascist and authoritarian dictatorship…that caters to the whims of a segment of our society…while leaving the majority of us…on the outside….looking in?



7 responses

  1. All part of the con…

    US presidents have been “selected” NOT “elected” since… since… since the beginning.

    Any Russian involvement is for distraction purposes and other nefarious reasons, definitely not to sway the electio… (uhh) selection process.

  2. I am speechless when it comes to the performance of Trump. How did he get elected when disliked by so many and yes, his call for “fake news” and that every news agency is “out to get him” is really astonishing. He tweets his own news and create unnecessary attention. Sigh…I wonder what is next with him. He is a surprise package really.

    1. His election 🗳 came as a shock to many in the 🇺🇸. Each week, and often each day, brings new affronts to our Constitution. It appears that his political party does not have the, political backbone, to check his illegal excess as long as they fear that they will face not getting re-elected in November.

      1. I am sorry that the people of US have this situation. I am watching the Malaysian saga as if unfolds and comparing to Trump. If his administration is not careful to behave, when the time comes, there will be major casualties when people will not reelect them. Ex Prime Minister Najib thought he had the populous vote as he was riding the high horse and now, he is facing the wrath of the people. I hope for Trump’s sake he gets his act together and actually fix things. It is a shame to have such leadership when US is a vast land with much resources to grow and lead the world economy.

      2. The hate speech regarding immigrants and women and African Americans, are among the most caustic comments of our current administration.

        There is, quite a groundswell of citizens who understand that the, narrow and prejudicial policies…do not illustrate the beacon of hope and opportunity that the United States has been since its inception.

      3. That is true! It is so wrong to cause this unnecessary divide again when your forefathers worked so hard to narrow it. I think racial or ethnic harmony is pivotal as Trump does make caustic comments against countries and within his own country. US does not need to have in fighting and wars with other nations. Too much worrying really and I feel for the people of US.

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