‘SIU Board of Trustees Votes to Oppose Split of University System’

I watched, with great interest, the Daily Egyptian livestream, of the Southern Illinois University, special meeting of the Board of Trustees.

I was very pleased to see their vote to oppose the split of the University System.


I noted that University President Randy Dunn said that he was for the SIU System continuing…before the Trustees vote.


If we are going to be, truth tellers, in our love for SIUC and in the same breath say that we want the System intact…we must seek the fair and and equitable distribution of state funds to each of our beloved campuses.


First, a someone or someones must determine what the unbiased distribution of funds should be.


Second, to take from one campus and give to another after budgets have been set…is a fools errand.


Third, and most importantly, collaboration must be sought and fostered by all levels of university leadership to ensure that our university system can, indeed, function as a system is intended to.


‘And the eye cannot say unto the hand, I have no need of thee: nor again the head to the feet, I have no need of you.’   I Corinthians 12:21   KJV

Hateful words and hurtful speech…will never solve SIU’s debates.  In fact we have engaged in a circular firing squad…for much to long.


Our leadership, and our conduct, should be sober and clear eyed and systematic and fruitful.

We seek an institution of higher learning that attracts students from all walks of life.

A University that compels students to enter our great halls of learning…where the entire focus is on them.


I discovered as a manager for over 25 years…when I put people first…everything else fell into place.


There is a lot of hard feelings surrounding the recent system split and funding controversy…and it represents the same type of ‘inner slug-fest’ that has caused our enrollment to decrease and our morale to be deflated and our dreams of what SIUC can be…darkened.


I have been witnessing battles between the office of the president and the office of the chancellor…for 40 years.


Anthony Hall did not want Stone Center to know what they were doing and conversely…the president’s house did not want to share with the chancellor’s dwelling.


In years gone by…we had a little wiggle room…a little room for error.

Now…hidden agendas and personality conflicts…are a death knell!

As Winston Churchill said, so eloquently, ‘We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.’   Brainy Quote



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