The Beauty of Simplicity

The older that I become the more I notice the simple pleasures of life.

Two occurrences struck me, or perhaps even three, with their delightful immediacy and, two of the three…with a pleasant surprise.

My friend and former Stewardship Committee member, Rob Jensen, delivered a lovely and humorous sermon.  His research into what it means to follow the scripture’s admonition, ‘ to keep the sabbath holy,’ reminisced regarding the accepted practice, not so many years ago, of keeping Sunday as a day of rest and reflection and devoid of most if not all manual labor…including cutting your grass.

He went on to remind us that, at one time most retail establishments were closed on Sunday.

As I was listening to Rob talk, I thought that I could not think of anywhere that I would rather be than right where I was.

As we were exiting the sanctuary and visiting with our fellow congregants, my friend Wendi asked me if I had received her email and I replied that I had not.  She asked me to wait on her as she wanted to ask me something.

Wendi wanted to know if I would be willing to provide the Pulpit Supply for one Sunday morning?  Now, the terminology Pulpit Supply means to deliver the sermon. I not only was surprised to be asked but humbly honored.

My primary desire, for about the first ten years of my christian life was to become a minister.  Actually, I was involved in preaching or assisting in 20 or more funerals and probably delivered 100 or more, sermonette’s, in the church that I attended.  I was considered clergy for our denomination and often visited the sick in their homes and when they were in the hospital.

This was over 30 years ago…and my answer will probably be no to my friend…but it was a nice surprise, for this old chap, to be asked.

Jonathon and I traveled to Marion, Illinois to experience the, Hard Copies, record store.  It is several times larger than the store that we have in Carbondale.

What do you think that I found…Good Times…which is the soundtrack to Sonny and Cher’s movie.

Good Times…was the first vinyl LP that I purchased after I received a stereo record player for my eighth grade graduation.  I thought that Cher was beautiful and that she could sing good…too.

I am becoming increasingly convinced that simplicity is the key to a happy life.

I have had the opportunity to travel to Europe on several occasions.  But, when I visited there I did not find the elixir to happiness.  People and places or locations…do not have the key to contentment…it comes from within.

My good friend, Elizabeth, sent me a video of our mutual friend, Brad Dillard, receiving the Lindell Sturgis award from the Board of Trustees for Southern Illinois University.

I can not think of a person who deserves this award more than Brad.  His herculean efforts for the community and the Southern Illinois region are outstanding and I am so pleased to see him receive this well deserved honor.


3 responses

  1. Simple, yes, I agree! As I age it’s important. I love that your answer now would be no, even though you are experienced and 20 years ago you may have said yes. Wisdom pairs with simplicity, and they travel well, I think. Good for you!

    1. Thank you, my friend. 🌞

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