Let Us Lift The Conversation!

There is something to be said for temperate speech and actions and thought.

I have always believed that my words reflected who I am.

Hurtful words…profane and unnecessary…are a reflection of the soul.

To revel in gossip about another…may be a perverse enjoyment…until you are the subject of the gossip mongers.

‘A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.’   Proverbs 25:11   KJV

‘A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.  The tongue of the wise useth knowledge aright: but the mouth of fools poureth out foolishness.’   Proverbs 15: 1-2   KJV

Myself and one of my chancellor friends who I  met with and spoke with often; talked in a colorful manner…as did I during our many conversations.  My friend was obsessed with what someone was saying and writing about him.  Once I said, humbly,  to the chancellor…let’s lift our conversation above our petty grievances and focus on the big picture for our University…and he agreed.

I was watching a film, last night, about quantum physics and the possibilities the discipline affords we humans.  Quantum physics contends that matter that you see with your eyes is not stable…until you look at it…whereupon it stops moving and your brain assigns meaning to what you are seeing both with your eyes and your brain.

The postulated theory of the physicists was that you could order your day by focusing your mind on what you wanted to achieve.

Plainly speaking…you could order your reality.

Quantum physics has proven that subatomic particles can be in two places at once…until you look at them…and then they are in one place only.

All matter is made up of moving molecules and atoms and subatomic particles.  It is not solid.

Well…why not order your day in a positive and friendly and happy manner.

Studies have shown that thoughts, whether they be negative or positive, have a direct correlation on physical outcomes in our lives….and in the lives of others.

And, so, now, calling on all leaders at SIU…let us lift the conversation let us lift the conversation to the heights of academic excellence and collegiality and family…that illustrate our dreams and aspirations for our beloved University.



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