My Favorite Title…Father

Although we had the Annual Father’s Day Dinner, last weekend, due to some travel commitments, I can not help but think of my wonderful sons and their precious mother today.

My mother and father divorced when I was six years old.  I loved my dad and I missed him desperately…I still do.  He used to carry me on his shoulders…and I thought that I was a giant.

He seemed so mysterious to me and such a powerful man.

He rode a Harley Davidson motorcycle and at times mom and I rode with him.  He wore a leather motorcycle jacket and a motorcycle hat and he carried a gun.  He was a Bad Ass.



His favorite televison show was Gunsmoke and he had a hearty laugh.

My brothers, Brock and Bill, both look like him.




I had a heart condition as a child and I remember tears in my dad’s eyes when we were at the doctor’s office and three doctors were evaluating my condition.

My sons, Aaron and Jonathon, have been and are the light of my life!

I am contnually renewed and regenerated and strengthed by their maturity and courage and innovation.

I marvel at the men that they have become.

They not only have never dissapointed me…but on the contrary they daily give my life meaning and purpose and richness.


Mary Jane and I have been married over 40 years…and it seems like a moment.  The excitement in both of our lives and the mission and the blessing for both of us has been our wonderful sons.

Time has made me old…but I stay young through their eyes and their unique and mature personalities.

When, Aaron or Jonaton say, ‘dad’, to me…they have my undivided attention…as it is the greatest compliment that I have ever received!




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