Travel By Book

A locally owned bookstore, Bookworm, is closing after many years in operation.


Jonathon and I visited Bookworm on Saturday and the crowd was so great that you could not adequately see the books on the shelves…while the line for check out was at least an hour long.

We returned this morning and found a healthy amount of patrons…but not unmanageable.

You, see, all books are on sale for $1 and this includes; rare books and books signed by the author and new books.

People were purchasing multiple bags and baskets full.  Many of the happy shoppers remarked to the owners…that they would be back….this week…of course.

Giant books for photos and medical journals and mystery and thrillers and suspense and local authors too.

Books that cried out. ‘read me’ and ‘I will show you adventures like you have never experienced’  and ‘I will tell you of mysteries that you have never thought of!’

The joyful and ecstatic and childlike look in the patrons eyes…especially those with multiple bags of books…was compelling.

I am currently listening to the Audible book, Bonfire of the Vanities by Tom Wolfe.  It has transported me to the New York city of the 1980s’.

In Junior High School I read Across Five Aprils by Irene Hunt and I saw and the Civil War through the eyes of the Creighton family.  I was so mesmerized by the narrative that I thought that if this is what reading can do for me…I do not want to ever stop.

Have you ever read a Shirley Jackson story?  Try, We Have Always Lived in the Castle a mystery that she wrote in 1962.  Once you read it…you will want to read it again.

Or the Bible?  I have read so much of the Bible…that often I think in scriptures.  Not religious dogma or doctrine or the warping and misuse of scripture to facilitate someone’s narrow political or religious agenda…but scriptures that illustrate God’s love and, what should be, our love for our fellow human family.

Books can cause their readers to change their lives for the better…to stand up and accomplish great things…and they can bring peace and contentment and a rest in your spirit.

History books can teach us about past mistakes and how to avoid them in the future…but our leaders have to read them for this wonderful benefit…to take place.

So, there is a reason that the patrons of the closing Bookworm bookstore, were ecstatic,  this morning…for the price of a few dollars they were purchasing years of adventure and intrigue and joy.

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