Hollow Leaders

‘Hollow – Having a hole or empty space inside.’   Google Dictionary

I was talking with a friend, the other day, and reflecting on the hollowness that is in some leaders and managers of people.

When I first encountered this type of narcissistic management…I was still a teenager and the concept that the person that was leading me cared nothing about my well being or self worth and that basically everything that I accomplished…was about them and I was merely a dim reflection of their manic paranoia.

When I began at SIU my crew supervisor, Don, would regularly assign me additional buildings to clean when others members of the staff were either sick or on vacation. At first, I did not concern myself with additional duties as I was ecstatic to be a part of the organization.  However, I could not help but notice that my boss sat in front of the television in the Law School Lounge…for the majority of the work shift and drank coffee and visited with his boss, Jim, while I worked harder and harder.

Again, I simply felt that Building Service Worker I’s and the student custodial staff must be the only members of the operation that performed manual labor.

One day I was told that my boss was supposed to be a working supervisor and that it was his job to pick up, at least a portion, of the work that he was assigning to me and my student colleagues.

Still, I thought that this is fine…I have the best job that I have ever had…until he began to criticize the work that I was performing on the shifts that I had neither time for a break or a lunch.

I determined that if I ever had the honor to lead others in the department that I would treat them with respect and dignity and recognize the worth and value that they brought to the organization.

Some leaders/supervisors have a group that are their favorites and they receive the good and easy jobs and the best perks that the manager can supply them.

But, there is another group…and that is those who must be punished…and these unfortunate members of the staff are given increasingly more work…that they can not possibly perform…and then chastised and punished and disciplined for not being  super human.

grayscale photography of woman with spraklers

Photo by Thibault Trillet on Pexels.com

I have worked for and witnessed leaders and managers and administrators that led by their conspiracy theories and paranoia.

I have sat in meetings where the Bible was quoted and the scriptures perverted to support the hollow and heartless agenda of the administrator.

I have witnessed the caviler locking up of children and those of a ‘tender age’…babies and toddlers…for a narcissistic and political agenda…using the children as pawns on a chessboard…to reflect the all consuming needs of the leader…admiring his reflection in the mirror.

Work assignments yield to logic.  That is why there are recognized time studies and manuals written regarding work loads as to what is doable in a work shift and what is punishment and that will have the result of breaking down the health of the loyal and hard working staff person that is trying to not fail in what they have been assigned.

I have witnessed staff, during my years at SIU,  that have been given more work than they can possibly perform…break emotionally and I have had people come to me, privately, and admit that they were thinking of suicide.

The power of a manager or administrator or leader…or president…is a fearful and delicate dance of getting a job done and not hurting or damaging the wonderful technicians that are performing that work.

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