A Time For Healing at SIU

‘We can’t have a zero-sum game here,’ Dorsey said.  ‘To have one win and one lose is a disaster for this region, and I think we can do well at working with each other.’    J. Kevin Dorsey, Southern Illinois University’s interim president.


‘Dorsey stepped down as dean of SIU School of Medicine in December 2015 after 14 years at the post.  A rheumatologist, Dorsey returned to the faculty to teach medical students and was currently employed by SIU.’

‘Dorsey was known during his tenure as dean for his calm demeanor, emphasis on compassion in medicine and interest in expanding the medical school’s influence on Sangamon County’s quality of life.’    State Journal Register

I have met Dr. Dorsey, on more than one occasion, and he is a gentleman.

Indeed, we desperately require a leader that will cause us to bring our best selves forward.

The bickering between our campuses must cease.


We must realize that, ‘We are all in the same boat in a stormy sea, and we owe each other a terrible loyalty.’    G.K. Chesterton

IMG_0824 2.JPGWhen speaking of fomer Lesar Law School Dean, Hiram Lesar, ‘The first time, he did a nine-month between the administrations of Derge and Brandt, with the idea he would reassume his leadership role as law school dean once a permanent replacement was hired.’

‘During that period, he was credited with smoothing out controversy and ill will in the wake of 104 faculty firings, spurred by ‘financial exigency.’

‘The second time, then-67 year old Lesar – who faced mandatory retirement in 1980 – continued to oversee the law school and doubled as temporary chancellor while SIUC looked for a permanent replacement for Brandt, who resigned.’    SIU Southern Illinois University

I recall the healing affect that Dean Lesar had on the Carbondale campus.  He was a soft spoken gentleman who cared about people.

Both times that he was the interim president and chancellor…all SIU employees were invited to the Stone Center for a Christmas brunch.

Dean Lesar was such a calm and caring leader that he convinced my supervisor that he had confidence in him and cared about him…all the while he was inspiring him to perform his custodial duties.

He was a leader that you wanted to follow.

I think that interim president Dorsey…is much in the mold of former SIU leader, Hiram Lesar.  He is a soft spoken effective leader…that people are drawn to.

Our Board of Trustees have done an exemplary job in choosing Dr. Dorsey for this critical assignment.  He will perform his healing task in the sunlight of collaboration and camaraderie.


A great future is in front of Southern Illinois University…as we once again all pull together…from all our campuses…for the same purpose of academic and humanitarian excellence.




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