Positive People Make a Positive Difference!

Have you ever considered that problems are only insurmountable…if you allow them to be?

I was speaking with my friend and former colleague, Elizabeth, recently and noted, once again, her positive attitude.

Elizabeth and Tony have illustrated the most proactive leadership for the Civil Service Council…that I have had the pleasure of witnessing.

The Civil Service Council has been at the cutting edge of addressing  the needs of civil service staff, and they have done so with a remarkable ‘can-do’ attitude.

I think of my good friends the Sheffer’s and their eternal sunny attitude.  They are not only hard working people…but compassionate to all.  Just being around them…is a morale boost for me!

And, then, of course, my friend Sarah.  What a stellar example of how to live your life.  Although she is facing a difficult challenge…her attitude and her Facebook postings are nothing but up-beat and positive…and inspiring!

My son, Jonathon, was handed a bag full of lemons…and he made lemonade for all to enjoy!


My son, Aaron, is such an up-beat, manager, that he is sought out by his leaders to help in other facilities…across the country!

My friend and former colleague, Bill V., was often an inspiration to me.  His decisive attitude and positive outlook on all things were invaluable during our years together at Building Services.

I think of my friend, Cyndy, who never saw a cause that she did not want to aid.  She is a jewel that is often under-appreciated by those around her.  She is a lifter of spirits and a faithful friend.

Brad Dillard is one of the most gregarious and inspiring leaders that I have ever known.  Brad, simply does not take no for an answer…but rather he finds a way to navigate around the mountain of a problem and take care of the people in Plant and Service Operations!

My friend and colleague of many years, Garrett, never saw a problem that he was not willing to tackle.  Often I gave him some of the most difficult issue confronting our department…and he succeeded in solving the issues at hand…every time!

I grew up with my friend, Jeff, and witnessed his transformation from a homeless person to a millionaire.  The key to Jeff’s success has always been his unflagging desire to help those that are less fortunate than him.

I admire chancellor Montemagno.  Facing a significant health challenge he is unbowed and his course for SIU is true!  His vision for positive academic change for SIUC…will succeed and our enrollment will increase!

I see my friend, Jerry C., walking his dog, when Mary Jane and I go to deliver Meals on Wheels from the Senior Center.  I think of what wonderful and christian people that he and his wife, Marla, are.  Though challenges beset them…nothing deters them from being outstanding and positive people.

Jonathon tells me that he saw, Ryan C., and that he asked about me.  He goes on to say what a good guy Ryan is.  He not only is a good guy but he is one hell of a hard worker.  No matter what herculean task that he is given in Building Services…he does his dead level best to complete it!

Joan P. was one of the most extraordinary members of my staff during my 25 years as a manager of Building Services.  When the rest of us were tired and ready to stop working…Joan was ready to double-down and get it done!

My brother Brock and my sister-in-law Marcy are inspirational to me!  I have never seen more dedicated and loving parents…in my life!

Southern Illinois University does not have anything to worry about…if it will call upon people like the ones that I have mentioned in this writing.





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