The Fringe

The Edinburgh Evening News tells me that it is one week until the Edinburgh Festival Fringe begins.

‘But anyone arriving in the city for the first time could be forgiven for thinking the world’s biggest arts festival is in full cry such is the throng of tourists and street entertainers outside its headquarters.’    Edinburgh Evening News

Famous past performers at the Fringe Festival are: Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Emma Thompson, Rachel Weisz and the, late, Robin Williams.

It was two years ago, now, that we visited our dear friends, Margo and Jeff, in the United Kingdom and traveled to Edinburgh for five days of the glorious Fringe Festival.

Before visiting Edinburgh we spent time in Red Hill and London and Oxford and Stratford -upon -Avon and the Cotswolds.

There was so much to see and to do that, at first, I experienced a bit of sensory overload.

Just the history and the sublime beauty of Edinburgh is breathtaking!

And, then, there is the Royal Military Tattoo that is enacted each night, concurrently with the Fringe, on the castle grounds.

Edinburgh, somehow, got into my bones and my heart and I want to return.  It is a mysterious and timeless city that beckons to its’ visitors with a siren call.

The magnificent combination of Edinburgh and lastly York made for a wonderful conclusion to our three week visit.

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