Good Times

Have you ever reflected on, the often, short and quick moments in you life that are golden memories, many years after?

I remember the line that the actor, Charles Durning, said to, Holly Hunter as they portrayed their roles of father and daughter reminiscing over a dysfunctional family Thanksgiving.   The movie was one of my favorite movies about Thanksgiving, Home for the Holidays.   He was recalling having his two daughters and son, along with their mother, on the flight line of an airport, where he worked his career,  and their excitement as they watched the big jets take off and land.  He told his daughter that those few moments were some of the happiest of his life.

I recall, fondly, Aaron and Jonathon, standing by the side of my bed and commiserating as to whether I was awake of not.  They were so small that they could barely look over the top of the mattress.

Or, Aaron’s joy at his perusal of a hotel room that we stayed in when we were on a vacation Disney world in Florida…where he opened a drawer and found a Gideon’s Bible and announced that he was going to read the entire book while we were there!

We have visited Gatlinburg, Tennessee, many times, but one period of a few minutes stays with me when I stepped out on to the balcony of the condo that we had rented, with my lifelong friend Steve, and looked at the Smoky Mountains under the Christmas moonlight.

Another, wonderful Gatlinburg moment was with my brother, Brock, when he tried on a Steampunk hat!

I think, that all to often we are looking to begin life after we work real hard in order to get ready to have fun and relaxation.

The mystery and beauty of life is happening right now.

I recall standing with my friend, Jeff, on his kitchen balcony at his apartment in Nice, France and our each smoking a small cigar and reflecting our our mutual past and our future and mortality.

Jeff and I, also enjoyed a lovely walk around the condo, in Paris, that we had leased and our reflections on the rapidity of our lives and the miracle that we were walking about in Paris and how we had never thought, when we were young, that this moment would happen.

I remember chancellor Argersinger telling me that she was planning on promoting me and my combined trepidation at the concept while at the same time being humbled and gratified that she thought that I had the ability to do some of the, responsible jobs, that she was considering me for.

I remember sitting in a Pub in Covent Garden in London with Jonathon while we enjoyed a glass of warm ale.

I remember sitting in a Pub in Oxford with Aaron…while I enjoyed a Dirty Martini…that he purchased for me.

We were with our friends, Jo Ann and Peter, and walking through the Hyatt Hotel that we were staying in…while Jo Ann tried to open each locked door that we came upon…as she announced that she did not like locked doors.

I remember Astrid nominating me for an award that was connected with my hiring of individuals with unique abilities…and how it humbled me and how I felt unworthy and what an indelible impression it left on me as to her kindness and the opportunity that I had been afforded to work with some gifted professionals.

I remember Steve and Fay and Mary Jane and I going to the movies and seeing Godfather III and Faye giving me a headache pill that she had…as I had a splitting headache.  My headache evaporated and at least one more, holiday. movie…and perhaps two more…and I reveled in what wonderful friends the LaBriers were to us.

I remember my first minister, Jack Archer, telling me that he loved me like a son.

I recall, Jack telling me that Mickey, his wife, was especially fond of me. And, I was fond of her.

I recall how Thelma Griffin treated me like I was a member of her family and fed me at her table…when she did not have enough for her family.

I remember Mary Jane grasping my big hand with her much smaller hand and our minister announcing to the congregation at our wedding that he was presenting to them Mr. and Mrs. Brooks.

I remember Dr. Carol Burns telling me that I had the ability to achieve any academic desire that I had…including law…and her encouragement for me to pursue, at least, a four year academic degree.

I recall, Mickey Archer, calling me and announcing with joy that I  had been hired at SIU and was to report to Building Services that afternoon at 4:00 P:M:.

I remember my Dad placing me on his shoulder, in our house in Sauk Village in Chicago and feeling like I was the most important person in the world.

It is said that your life passes before you…just before you die.  I can believe it.  I wonder if it is not the happiest moments and the indelible heartfelt joys that are screened for our mind’s eye…as we journey into the plan that God has for us?

The memories I have mentioned are only a sampling of those that are dear to me…what are yours?



4 responses

  1. We often don’t recognize those moments until we’re looking back on them later. I’ve heard that people close to death are surprised at the randomness and apparent commonness of the memories that come up then to really be treasured… I, as I think do you, try my best to treasure as many as possible of them right in the moment!

    1. Yes. So often the memorable events, of our lives, are hidden among the daily actions of our existence. To catch them, as they are happening, requires being prepared for, small, gifts.

      1. Truly, and in a habitual attitude of gratitude! 😊

  2. Deborah the Closet Monster | Reply

    I don’t know how to answer that just yet, but … I do so love to consider the question. Thanks.

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