Jonathon and I were on our daily, campus, walk when I saw the first, of two, inspiring images.

IMG_0885 3

The first inspiration was seeing the chancellor and Matt on their way to the Student Center.  They both waved, and smiled broadly, as they passed us.

I thought to myself…there is a man that will beat, the cancer that he told us about in his blog, and will lead SIUC out of it’s present distress…’a happy warrior!’

Southern Illinois University is resplendent in its’ natural and physical beauty!


I recall, so vividly, my touring each campus buildings at this time of year in order to ensure that they were immaculate.  Building Services, truly believed, that the enrollment and retention of our wonderful students…was on us…and was our responsibility…and I am confident that they still do!

IMG_1552 2

I see my friends, the Grounds staff, working feverishly to create a garden of eden and an oasis in the desert and a refuge from the storm of confrontation and strife that seems to surround our society…of late.

The second of my inspirations was the finding of a soaring bird…flying over campus lake.  I did not see the flying fowl when I was snapping the photo…but only, after, when I viewed the image on my phone.


Both inspirational images remind me that Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale is bigger than any of its adversaries and stronger than any of its road blocks!

My friend, Jo Ann, spoke of immersion in a discipline or a goal, in order to be totally focused on what you are working to achieve.


Whether you are the janitor…be the best janitor that anyone has ever witnessed!

If you are the grounds worker…be unparalleled in your horticultural ability and dedication!

IMG_1549 3

If you are the chancellor…be the ‘happy warrior.’


If you desire students at SIUC…be the magnet that draws them.

Fall semester is coming…and we have spring cleaned and re-tooled and examined our mission and searched our hearts…and now join hands together to joined  to create success and opportunity…and family…for our most important citizens…our precious students.

Let us all see how many students that we can connect with?

How many students can each of us, cause to feel, like they are home?

How many students can each of us make feel at ease and calm and happy that they have chosen Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale?


How many students can each of us welcome and by our demonstrated concern for them…they will no longer be afraid of, what appears, to be scary and causes them to have butterflies in their stomach and instead….SIUC feels like their school?




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