Compassionate Leadership

For many years I was charged with the duty of leading and managing a large housekeeping department.

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When I first became the Assistant Superintendent of Building Services our full time staff was 150 and our student staff was 120.

I had experienced, for many years prior to entering management, the power that a boss or manager or administrator had over my life and my outlook and peace and happiness.

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Much of our waking hours are spent in the necessary endeavor of making a living.  To actively engage in this activity we have, at least, one boss and perhaps two or three.  A supervisor who lays out clear and easily understood work instructions is important.

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A boss must be a clear communicator that says exactly what they mean and does not deviate from their verbal instructions.

A leader must not personalize work related duties but rather see everyone as equal and to be without favorites or enemies.  We have all worked in an organization where the favorites of the boss received the good and easy assignments…while the, perceived, enemies of the leader…were meted out their daily ration of punishment.

Have you ever worked for an organization that 8 hours was not enough…and 9 hours was not enough…and 10 hours of work was not enough…and every time that you were able to make a touchdown at the supervisors goal post…they moved the goal post?

Have you ever had your manager change a large component of your operational procedure and replace it with a silly solution that made your job much more difficult?  And, to add insult to injury…they did not, even, ask your opinion?

I sat in a literature class in high school.  The teacher was in her first year of teaching after college and, many of the students loved her.  She spoke to them as her equal and they talked about dates that they had been on and she announced, jubilantly, that her boyfriend was visiting over the weekend and that, ‘if the van was a rocking…don’t come a knock-in!’

I raised my hand on a regular basis…and she never called on me for the entire semester…and I loved literature?

Have you ever felt like that you just were not the bosses cup of tea?  Although you did not know each other…you would remain Sisyphus and would continue to roll the stone up the hill…only for it to roll back down again…and the procedure would be yours to repeat throughout your career?

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Of late, we see in our political arena…critics of the president being punished.  This, actually…is the wrong action from a leader.

Disagreements and criticism of a supervisor or manager of administrator should have nothing to do with the successful work-life of a member of the leader’s staff.


Rather, on the contrary, a leader will provide good evaluations and positive feedback and promotional opportunities to those who disagree with him or her and will not consider constructive criticism that has been leveled against them.

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A benevolent leader…will often turn a critic to a supporter…simply by their unbiased attitude and actions towards the critical employee.

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My management philosophy was to take care of my people…first…and the work will take care of itself…and it worked for 25 years.

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The scripture tells us, ‘that a word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.’    Proverbs 25:11    KJV

Managers…administrators…bosses…uplift your employees!

The popular motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar, said, ‘I really do not care how much you know…until I know how much you care…about me.’

Or my favorite quotation, ‘We are all in the same boat in a stormy sea, and we owe each other a terrible loyalty.’    G.K. Chesterton




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  1. Reblogging this to my sister site “Timeless Wisdoms”

    1. Many thanks, my friend. 🌞

  2. Thank you for the LIKE on my latest post, which I can understand and appreciate based on your “political arena” observation in this post. I’m retired, but I had a few good bosses in my career, and I don’t doubt that you would’ve been one of them.

    1. My pleasure, and you are very kind. 🌞

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