Do you enjoy waiting?

Southern Illinois University will announce its fall semester enrollment numbers, Tuesday.

At the height of enrollment glory…SIU had almost 25,000 students enrolled on the Carbondale campus.

I believe that last year there was under 16,000…and there is a forecast for another reduction.

The picture, on the ground, is that we have an innovative chancellor who has worked to turn the mighty ship of SIUC…around.

So, indeed, we should not loose heart…but we have to increase our enrollment numbers.


Much of the failure to increase our university’s numbers is due to several occurrences which include, no state budget for nearly two years and a lack of focus by university leadership and a repeated changing of the chancellor…when things did not go as expected.

I spoke with my friend, Julie, who told me that she had worked for eleven chancellors.

Chancellor Montemagno deserves our support and our full immersion in the vital project of recruiting and retaining our most precious university community citizens…our students.

President Trump is waiting for the Muller report to conclude and to read the findings of the almost two year endeavor.

Those who believe that wrong doing will be revealed and are offended and frightened by our president’s rhetoric and his policies…are waiting for the mid-term election in November and the release of the Muller report.

We wait for our children to grow up…and it happens in the blink of an eye.

We wait to retire…and we are shocked how quickly…that hoped for day…arrives.

Jews and Christians…alike…await the return of the Messiah.  But, will his rule and his law and his outlook on humanity…be what they expected?

When we are children…we look forward to being adults.

When we are adults…we look forward to being of value to our employer and to making a difference.

Our children grow-up….and we struggle to discover how we are still relevant to their lives and to our society.

We retire…and we say…what now?

Retirement is the time to fulfill the quote, ‘ I Am Who I Am Your Approval Isn’t Needed.’

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