Do Leaders Understand…How Hard Their Staffs Work For Them?

I have been a follower…all of my life.

I have been a leader…much of my life.

Often I have observed the caviler attitude that leaders have toward their followers or their staffs.

I enjoy and am confident in the many improvements that Building Services was able to facilitate, during my tenure as a manager for twenty-five years, and I know that nothing would have been gained without the yeoman like work of my colleagues in the department.

I have know many people…and I know people…that are dedicated to the betterment of Southern Illinois University…on a 24/7 basis.

Do you realize how extraordinary this is…in this world that is often marked by cynicism and narcissism?

Prior to my retirement, I had dedicated staff that would work around the clock, if I called on them to ensure that our department was able to perform its mission in an excellent manner.

This is an awesome and weighty responsibility!

I have said for forty years…that SIUC has the most dedicated staff in the state and, most likely, the nation!

When I sat in meetings and when I received compliments regarding our service to the University…I always said that it was my unparalleled colleagues that enabled our department to reach the heights of proficiency that we were able to obtain.

When I heard supervisors or administrators or union leaders…disparage or cast aspersion on the staff of our department…I rebuked them…and told them that the dedication of our staff was the only reason that we still had a job and that we were vital to the recruitment and retention of our students….because of our totally committed colleagues!

I wonder do administrators and managers and supervisors and chancellors and presidents…understand the…total immersion and dedication and life sacrifice…that the civil service staff have for the success of our precious students and our University?

It is so easy…to say…what a good boy or good girl am I…but you must not forget the countless dedicated and striving colleagues that are working around the clock…to ensure the success of the University…and your success!




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