Faith Is a Comfort

The world is a scary place.

First, you are in search of a job and a career.  You known little about how to get along in the world and less about what it takes to be a success in it?

Your first job is at a factory making wire harnesses for Chrysler Trucks, and you succeed by drinking coffee from the coffee vending machine and, subsequently, becoming hyped up, to enable you to perform the assembly line function that you have been assigned.

The Time Study man comes to see you perform you duties…faster than they have ever been preformed…previously.

Your next job is a furniture store where your position is delivery of furniture and warehouse duties and the cleaning of the store.

The weight of many of the furniture and carpet rolls that you are asked to lift…is beyond you muscular capacity…yet you lift them.

You have a friend as well as your minister…who have succeed in sales.  You want desperately to follow in their footsteps.  You begin selling World Book Encyclopedias in Herrin, Illinois…door to door.  It is a difficult way to make a living.

You work, building your church, for nine months…without pay and almost no food.  You are hungry 24/7.

Your friend asks you to assist him in his carpet laying business.  He tells you that he will train you in order that you will be able to have your own carpet laying business. You love working with, Brent, he is a great boss!

You get a letter from Southern Illinois University that tells you that in view of your test score, that you are eligible for an interview with the Physical Plant, Building Services.

A month after the interview, that you felt very good about, you are hired as a Building Service Worker I.

You are able to pay the bills for your, four room house, that you recently purchased…and you buy a new Ford LTD two door automobile.

Over the years…you are promoted to a crew leader and then a foreman and then the Assistant Superintendent and finally the Superintendent of the department….that you had been hired into…so many years ago.

Your were passed over….and insulted…and looked down upon…and you never gave up.

‘Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.’    Hebrews 11:1   KJV

I recall when I was asked to be the Superintendent of Building Service..that the director told me what a fan of mine, Brad Dillard,  had said that I would be a hero.  I have never forgotten such a great vote of confidence.

So, is life handing you more than your share of lemons?

Do you wonder if anyone cares….or if anyone is watching?

Throughout my life I have experienced the hand of God and his guardian angels watching me and helping me through my most difficult moments.

I have also been surprised by the concern that my fellow humans had for me and their recognition of my struggles and the mountains that I was climbing.

My lifelong friend, Steve, and I were available for every church job that needed to be done…for many years.  At times, we commiserated as to what it was all for…and did anyone care…or notice.

There are always people watching what you are doing.  There is always someone noticing your sacrifice and your dedication…to your job…to your family….to your faith….and to your fellow man.

Do not loose hope!  Rather, take heart!

God is watching…and so are many likeminded people of goodwill!




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    1. You are too kind, my friend. 😃

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