I have always enjoyed a good ghost story.

The yarns regarding; Dracula and Frankenstein, and the Wolf-man or the Creature from the Black Lagoon, were fascinating to me.

I had, models made of plastic, that I bought at our local Ben Franklin Dime Store, for $1.50 or less, that I glued together and hand painted.  For me…they were works of art!

The movies that these monster characters were depicted in, were highlighted in what was called Monster Magazines.

My cousin, Billy, had amazing and realistic rubber masks that fit over your entire head and that looked like the; Creature or Frankenstien or Dracula and the Wolf-man.

During my first years as assistant superintendent for Building Services at Southern Illinois University, we had a ghost sighting at the administrative building for the university, Anthony Hall.

In those days, the 1980’s, the majority of our student custodial worker staff, were Malaysian.

One night, a Malaysian, female student, was working in Anthony Hall and proceeding to the third floor, by elevator, to ensure that the lights were shut out and the office doors locked.  When she walked off of the elevator…she saw to her right…a woman that was dressed in a white blouse,that was buttoned up to her neck, and a long black dress, and her hair in a bun on the back of her head.  The student noted that the woman did not speak to her…and thus being frightened…she got back on the elevator and, raced, to find her boss to tell him of the unusual occurrence.

The Malaysian student had no idea that Anthony Hall had originally been constructed as a women’s dormitory and that it was named after the famous, suffragette, Susan B. Anthony.

The crew supervisor, that she reported her strange encounter to, later took me into the attic of Anthony Hall and showed me, old photos, of women dressed just like the woman that the student described.

FullSizeRender 2

After the students, ghostly visit, word spread rapidly throughout the Malaysian community and the campus community.  Not only would no Malaysian student students work in Anthony Hall…but, also, the Vice President for Campus Services requested that I write a full report, for him, regarding the ethereal encounter.

When we were in Stratford-upon-Avon in England, we were staying at a lovely hotel that had a great garden,that was ideal for smoking some English cigars in.

As I sat in the garden of the hotel and awaited my sons, Aaron and Jonathon, and my life long friend, Jeff, I noticed the image of a young woman, in the window of a room on the the top floor of the hotel.

The image did not move and was out of place and…creepy.

When I returned, a few minutes later, the young woman in the window…was gone.

I took some photos of the fire that was generated by lighting charcoal for my grill in the preparation of grilling out…and the results had more than one ghostly image in them.

photo of black ceramic male profile statue under grey sky during daytime

Photo by Mikes Photos on

Being a science fiction fan I have often wondered about the quantum physics test that illustrates, that microscopic images…seem to appear in two different places…simultaneously….until they are looked at by the observer?

We are all made of the elements that construct our universe.  Scientist assure us that energy never dies…we are made of energy….

Is the life after death…experience…closer to us…than we have ever imagined?


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