Happiness in Small Things

James Taylor sang, ‘the secret of life is enjoying the passage of time.’  ‘Any fool can do it, there ain’t nothing to it.’

I have found that the quest for happiness, that all humans engage in, can be found at your own back door or at your fingertips.

We imagine that happiness is probably residing in another state or country.  It is obvious that, happiness, has taken up residence on ocean front property…or in the, beautiful ‘smokie’ mountains, or, without a doubt…in sunny California.

cottages in the middle of beach

Photo by Julius Silver on Pexels.com

At times in my life, I have been sure that if I could just obtain the promotion that I was seeking…or purchase the house that looked like a dream…I would be, eternally, satisfied.

Money is not the answer to happiness.  It is nice to have enough…but rich people are sad.

It is said that the famous comedian and radio/television star, Jack Benny, found enjoyment in the smallest blessings of life.  One of his friends noted the Mr. Benny, went on and on about a delicious, white fish sandwich, that he had discovered in New York…and how economical that it was.

I have always found pleasure in the most trivial of items and pursuits.

For instance, I have a vintage toy collection of action figures that were popular when I was a lad.  There is Johnny West and Chief Cherokee as well Daniel Boone, that has the face of the actor that played Boone on the popular television show, Fess Parker, and the most current addition of Captain Kirk, that Jonathon purchased for me…and a foot tall Mr. Spock.

I continue to enjoy my vinyl LP record collection and playing them on my new, Barnes and Noble stereo.  Jonathon and I have convinced Aaron, that vinyl is the way to go…and he is getting a Barnes and Noble stereo…for his birthday.

I love to sit at the Cunetto’s Bar and enjoy a Dirty Martini with my family.  Cunetto’s is located on The Hill in St. Louis and it has been my restaurant of choice for fifteen years or more.  We are going there for my birthday.

Cunetto’s House of Pasta has the most generous ‘pour’ of any bar that I have been to.  They make a great mixed drink!

I, throughly, enjoy viewing an independent film at the theatre located in Plaza Frontenac in St. Louis…we are going there for my birthday.

I walk the campus of Southern Illinois University, almost daily, and often take photographs…and I always see something new.

I am always ready to enjoy a slice of pizza!

I have been collecting, pocket knives, for forty years…and I constantly see another that I desire.

I am a fan of audible books.  I listen to twenty five – thirty per year…and they are the ‘bees knees!’

My brother, Brock and my sister-in-law Marcy, are coming, next Saturday…and I can not wait to see them!  They are a rich blessing to my retirement years!

The last time that Brock and Marcy visited us…Brock and I got matching tattoos of a ‘B’ on our forearms…I suggested that we get ‘skull’ tattoos this time…yet to be determined?

Each time that I attend church…I feel better…more grounded and appreciative for the experience of life.

I think of my life long friend, Steve, and the many financial and survival challenges that we experienced in our youth.

Steve and I did not have two nickels to rub together and worked, constantly to aid our pastor and the little church that we attended in Elkville, Illinois.  One day as we were driving through DuQuoin, Illinois…Steve said that he was hungry of biscuits and gravy at the Maid-Right Cafe…and so he pulled in the parking lot of the restaurant.  We entered and sat down.  The waitress came over and asked us what we wanted and we replied that we would begin with two, ‘piping hot cups of coffee!’  as the waitress departed, Steve asked me if I was, springing’ for the breakfast…and I replied that I did not have a penny on me.  He responded that, indeed, he did not have any money, either.

We arose…before our coffee arrived…and exited the establishment…before we were compelled to wash dishes!

I love to see a hungry person…fed.

I love to see a lonely person…befriended.

Mary Jane and I became friends of Jo Ann and Peter Argersinger, after her untimely termination as the chancellor of SIUC.  The friendship lasted for ten years…and I enjoyed it immensely.  I received nothing but the ‘glow’ of wonderful fellowships with our friends and the, memorable Christmas Season, visits around their majestic Christmas Tree….and the Irish Coffee!

I enjoy hearing from my friend, Ryan, and sharing the, Joke of the Day, with him.

I have loved Christmas since I was a child.  Since the days of Mom and Dad giving me the Laughing Santa.  Laughing Santa had the most jovial beatific face and a crank on his back, that when turned, produced the most uproarious laughter!

Everything about the Christmas Season…is home to me.

I enjoy hearing from my friend, Elizabeth, and her struggles and efforts on behalf of the civil service staff at SIUC.

Mary Jane has made me an art aficionado.

I bond and connect, by default, with SIU leaders…due to my, many years of working with former leaders of the university.  I was saddened at the, untimely passing ,of chancellor Montemagno.

I, throughly enjoy, vintage radio shows that I listen to on my satellite radio in my Camry.

I love the, pleasant sound of, Mary Jane’s laughter.

I love when Aaron and Jonathon are happy about their accomplishments and opportunities that are available to them.

I like rye bread and dill dip…anytime…anywhere!

I enjoy Halloween movies…and Christmas movies…’Christmas Vacation is a panacea for my soul!

I reflect on England and London and Oxford and York and Edinburgh…and I am transported there…once again.

I think of my friends, Jeff and Margo, who I had not seen for over twenty-five years…and I am happy!

I watched my former pastor, Janice, on a live feed from Africa…where she is working to aid in the installation of wells for africans who have not, previously, known clean water…and I rejoiced that I know her and her tremendous work!

Life is a chain of the little occurrence in our lives…that creates a kaleidoscope of events that construct our story!





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