October is a Happy Month!

The other evening I received a telephone call from my, life-long friend, Steve.  No matter how long it has been since we last spoke…it is as if we had visited with each other…yesterday.  I have, consistently, been amazed at how much Steve and I think alike, on so many issues.

Steve and I grew up in a little non-denominational church in Elkville, Illinois.  As the old saying goes…’neither of us had a pot to piss in…or a window to throw it out!’

Steve and I shared a house, in the poor section of Elkville…with, at different times, David B. and Doug D. and Jimmy D. and Ronnie B….and there may have been others…

It was a bit like boot camp…hard and harder…with little sleep and little to eat.

I was, commiserating with Steve on the Thanksgiving that we received a, especially large snow on…and he and I were, feverishly, shoveling snow to facilitate a church service that evening.

I recall, like it was yesterday, Steve and I driving to a, cleaning, client’s offices in Johnston City, Illinois in a blizzard.  As I drove…I beseeched Steve to open his car window and see if her could determine where the road was!

About that time…we landed in a six foot snow bank.

Steve pushed us out while I steered the car, a 1963 Ford Fairlane, and we turned around and headed for home.

I began working for SIUC in 1978 and, nine months later in 1979, Steve began.

It was the best jobs that either of us had had in our lives.

I wanted to be a minister.  I, actually, assisted or preached over twenty funerals.

Now, Steve will be turning 66, on October 24th…and I will be 61.  The years fly by like a weaver’s shuttle.


My brother, Brock, and my sister in law, Marcy, are coming to visit us tomorrow.  We are all excited to see them!

When I look at Brock…I see our Dad.  Marcy is like a sister to me.

IMG_5374 3

I have never been with them that I did not come away, enriched and renewed for another, helping, of what life has to offer.

My Mom and our Dad…divorced when I was 6 years old.  I missed him…terribly…and wondered what happened?

Brock and Marcy and their wonderful children, Jaime and Jeb…have been an extra special blessing to me and my family…and a sign that there is a God that is watching our lives.

Life has brought me reversals…as it does for all of us.  I have been mystified why good friends and family have, chosen, to walk away from me?

But, there are constants that encourage me…and Steve and Brock are two of those, fundamental, constants!

IMG_3080 2

So, we will enjoy Marcy and Brock this weekend and we will laugh and talk about future plans, perhaps Gatlinburg, and, marvel, that although we have not know each other for most of our lives…we are very much alike…

And, so, a salute to Steve, who has always been like my brother…and my brother, Brock, who cares enough about us to come and see us and bless us with his and Marcy’s good humor and love!



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