Don’t we all have, so much to be thankful for?

For over thirty years, Mary Jane has hosted Thanksgiving, at our home.  For many of those years; we lived in a four room house in Elkville, Illinois…and, often had over twenty guests to the feast!

Mrs. Moore, my sister-in-law’s mom, attended every year…and enjoyed the gathering, immensely!  I woke up this morning…thinking of Mrs. Moore.

I can remember, Mary Jane and Ron coming with their, beautiful, daughter Tara.  Mary Jane, so enjoyed watching the, annual Thanksgiving Dog Show, and she smiled, broadly, as she watched the many breeds of performing canines.

I think of Mary Jane Hickam…often…and recall her kindness to me.

In, more recent years, we have enjoyed traveling with Ron and Ira Kaye.  We have had many adventures…including Ira Kaye and I standing by the submarine that was filmed in our favorite show. Lost, in Hawaii.

I can shut my eyes and see, my precious mom, and my stepfather, Earl…and hear their laughter as they listened to Earl’s ‘tall tales!’

Berl, Mary Jane’s, father, and Earl…had to, always, be called to the table…more than once…as they so enjoyed swapping stories and reminiscing about their, glorious youth!

So, this year, we are unable to host the celebration…but there will be many around our table…as we think of our loved ones.



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  1. It is pretty fantastic.Thanks for posting this info!

    1. Thank you, my friend. It was my pleasure. 😃

    1. Thank you, my friend. My pleasure!

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