Christmas Eve

‘Come on Dad…it is just a little farther to the Good Samaritan House, and I hear that they may still have room for people like us,’ said Abigail, as she pulled on her father…who was setting on a, solid, sheet of ice, where he had slipped and fallen…just a few minutes before.

Cars and trucks were whisking by on highway #13, and some were decorated with reindeer antlers, and in many of them there was the, joyous, playing of Christmas Carols.

Dad had fallen just across the street from Schnucks supermarket…and people, gingerly, walked around him as if he was an inanimate object…and not an injured, homeless human.

Dad said, ‘Abigail, please give me just a few minutes to lay I am so tired…and I feel a bit warmer, now.’

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Jalopies and Mercedes passed…and many slowed down to take a closer and quizzical look at the odd aspiration of a man…sleeping on a sheet of ice.

As the, holiday, shoppers entered and exited Schnucks…they, dutifully, placed their loose change, or even a few dollars, in the Salvation Army Kettle…and felt a Christmas warmth in their hearts as they did so.

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The christian minister…passed by…as did the rabbi…and the priest.  They were certain that there were people that had been informed of the poor souls plight…and would subsequently be investigating the, terribly sad, matter…shortly.

There was so much to do…and so little time.

There were Christmas gifts to buy…and cookies to bake.

There was the Christmas Eve church service to prepare for…and it was always so touching.

Abigail…stood in the middle of highway #13…and waved her hands…and shouted…and begged…and beseeched…that someone would help her with her, fallen father.

The temperature was 5 degrees.

Finally, a scruffy and, apparently, homeless man…approached Abigail’s freezing father.

The, unkempt, helper…seemed…not up to the task of assisting a fellow, hurting, human being.

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Dad, first sat up and the helper with the long walking stick…sat on the ice with him and talked with him…for some minutes.

Then the helper…gave his friend his arm and slowly he struggled to his feet.

Abigail, had tears in her eyes…and hurried to her Dad’s side…to assist him…and to thank the, wonderful old gentleman, who had helped him.

When Abigail turned to thank the helper of her father…he was gone.  She asked her Dad…who he was.  He told, his daughter, that, the man said that,  he had been watching him to see if anyone would help him…and when no one did…he came to assist.

Dad went on to say that the, mysterious stranger, had instructed him to walk over to Schnucks and to ask the first person that he saw, if he could spend the night at their home…it was Christmas Eve.

Abigail and Dad walked to the Supermarket and encountered an elderly man and wife who were assisting each other into the store.

Dad…humbly asked the couple if he and his daughter could spend the night with them  in their home…as they were homeless and seeking shelter from the cold.

The old couple smiled broadly!  They recounted that a, homeless man had knocked on their door that, Christmas Eve, morning…and had requested that they give assistance to a, needy, father and his daughter…that day.  The man who had made the request, of them, had seemed little qualified to be requesting help for others…as he appeared to be without lodging or food.

But…when they looked into his eyes…they  were hypnotic and kind…and they could see the suffering of the world and the hope of tomorrow…in an instant!

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‘For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground: he hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him.’   Isaiah 53:2   KJV

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  1. A Merry Christmas to you and yours

    1. Merry Christmas, my friend! 🎄

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