The Wonder of Travel!

We were reflecting the other day on the many trips that we took, Aaron and Jonathon on, when they were youngsters.

I say, travel all that you can!

My Blog Title is; The Happy Traveler; Reading Earth’s Book…A Page At a Time.

There, simply, is no way to learn more about the human family…than to travel!

I recall the Muslim people, waving at our tour bus in Tunis, Tunisia.  We, throughly enjoyed the, sweet cakes, and tea that they served us at a rug weaving, stop, on the tour.

portrait photo of woman wearing hijab

Photo by on

In Nice, France I encountered the most friendly store clerks that aided me in my search for a hat to block the Mediterranean Sun!

woman wearing coat and red hat during snowy day

Photo by EVG photos on

In London there was the gracious staff at the Hat Store, that not only, happily stretched my hat, that I purchased..but also gave me, aged, bourbon to drink…as I waited.

The wonderful residents of the United Kingdom…that I was privileged to be a part of during my friend, Jeff’s, business meeting…were delightful!

Our waiter in a ristorante in Roma…treated us like family!  He made us his special recipe…that was to die for…and he poured us his best Grappa!

Edinburgh…captured my heart!  Much of the reason for such a bold statement is the wonderful man that I met the first evening that we were there!  He asked me to assist him to stand in an upright position, from his wheel chair, to facilitate his ordering at a counter at the restaurant that we were in.  He exclaimed his love for the United States and projected to me…how glad that he was that I was visiting…Edinburgh!

alley ancient architecture buildings

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The, Ghost Tour, in Edinburgh was a highlight of our five day, visit!  The young woman that was our guide was an expert in telling the, true, story’s of ghosts and strange occurrences, and her re-counts of the ghastly yarns…brought goose bumps on my flesh!

Often we have stayed with and traveled with our dear friends, Margo and Jeff, which has enhanced our experience exponentially!

We took a United Kingdom Cruise…and the most lovely brunette sisters…were along with their parents!  This was not a fact that was lost on Aaron and Jonathon!

During this cruise we visited the island of Guernsey and partook of the ice cream and visited their famous fort…where the cannon was fired at high noon!

One night…I peered into Aaron and Jonathon’s, adjoining cabin, and noticed that they were not there.  I proceeded to look for them throughout the ship and, subsequently, found them in the, Ship’s Library, playing board games with the brunettes!  I slipped out…quietly.

The little, Princess Ship, the smallest in the fleet, encountered, extremely choppy waters, and the Broadway shows were cancelled due to fear that the performers might be injured, and walking on the ship had to be accomplished by, tightly gripping, the wooden rails along the hallways.

One, especially rough night, the ship seemed to have it’s front raise to  a ninety degree angle and then to be, dropped harshly, back into the ocean.  It dawned on me…that people die on the ocean…and I became, extremely, seasick…while Mary Jane slept…the sleep of the dead!



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