Rhetoric Is Not Wisdom

I have more than one friend who have accomplished, well in excess of, several lifetimes of endeavors, in one, short, life.

Have you ever listened, intently, to a colleague describe their career successes…and after you added them up, there was more rhetoric than reality?

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On many occasions, at the university, I witnessed the uplifting and beatification of new leaders and administrators…well before they had demonstrated any, measurable, policy or student recruitment or student retention actions.

Political leaders tell us the things that we enjoy hearing and promise us the moon…while we receive a moon pie!

I have read, on several occasions, that our president is an ‘unholy’ person…that is being used by God?

We have been promised that the president will return jobs to America…yet General Motors is in the process of laying-off thousands of American workers.

Many of the people that voted for the president, discovered, that if Obama-Care is done away with…they will no longer have insurance!

Farmers have been devastated by the president’s tariffs causing their crops to, dramatically, decrease in value…yet many contend that they are, foursquare, behind him!

Many of our religious leaders instruct their congregations to give of their finances…until it hurts…

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If you examine the financial stability of many congregants in fundamentalist churches…you find, abjectly poor people…and rich and flourishing ministers!

We humans are suckers for a good line!

We want a hero and a savior!

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Our ears perk up when we hear a, quality narrative, and we are intrigued by a good story!

There is a, subtle and insidious mixing, of theatre and television and media…with the, concrete truths, of people being treated fairly and equitably and with their elected representative, looking out for their constituents prosperity.

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We hear a wonderful speech, written by an adept speech writer, and we say, ‘what a leader we have!’

We contend that if minimum wage rises…businesses will be devastated and people will loose their minimum wage jobs.

Of course…we who contend the folly of raising the minimum wage…have not worked for such a paltry sum…for many years…if ever!

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It is agreed that we Americans have an economy that requires a minimum of $15 to survive…and the great majority of us make, significantly less…what is the answer…two jobs…three….four?

Political speech is damming in its lack of profundity!

Religious speech is only as good as the positive works that it produces for humanity!

We, sadly, are influenced by the 140 characters that are tweeted on twitter.

Our enamored, state,  with celebrities and the culture of entertainment has caused us to debate, and some to contend, not only what truth is…but, perhaps, each of us have our own truth.

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‘Wisdom – The quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment, the quality of being wise.’    Dictionary

‘The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.’    Proverbs 1:7

‘But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere.’    James 3:17

I think that a primary component of wisdom is a respect for all humanity.

Empathy is wisdom.  Can you place yourself in the other person’s shoes?  When your neighbor has no food…are you disturbed and restless…as if you were hungry?

When someone is mentally ill…do you understand and care for them and consider their illness as any physical illness?

If you are a supervisor do you treat your staff as you would like to be treated?  If you have to, engage, in constructive job related criticism, do you do it with an eye on not destroying the person…but rather encouraging them…all the while solving the job performance issue?

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If you terminate a member of your staff…is it your, paramount desire, that the individual leaves the meeting feeling that you cared about them and that you had confidence in their many abilities and that those abilities were going to be an excellent fit…in the job that they will, ultimately, secure?

Do you practice trusting those around you?

Can you smile at those who have spoken ill of you?

Can you greet your enemies…like your friends?

Can we understand that each day is a gracious gift and that we are all, fellow, travelers on the road of life?

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