I was shocked, last evening, to read on Facebook that two of Mary Jane and my, old friends, had lost their, young, daughter…suddenly.

Our friends, and us…attended church together…over 30 years ago.  They are precious and sincere people…the kind of human beings that you are proud to call your friends!

Of course, we were over 30 years younger…as were our friends…who were not married at that time.

Their, wonderful, daughter, who was my Facebook friend, was so lovely and I enjoyed reading her Facebook posts.

When I would see their daughter’s photos…I felt that I knew her…as she resembled both her mom and dad…and I had grown-up with them over many years.

I admired her Facebook posts…and I wished that I had commented on them…as I, often, thought…what a fine young lady…and what, insightful comments that she made…wise beyond her years!

As a youngster, I was a guest in her mother’s home…when she and her sisters were children, as was I, and her parents were so kind to me…and made me feel so welcome!

I worked around our church…with her dad.  He was even tempered and considerate…even as a teenager…and I, reflected on what an example of christianity that he was.

I can think of two times that I have spoken with Herb and Barbie…over the past many years.  On both occasions they seemed so glad to see me, and on the second time, Mary Jane, as well.  The term, ‘salt of the earth,’ was written for them!

I left speaking with them…uplifted and encouraged and grateful for such good…old friends!

Mary Jane and I…grieved last evening…and we are saddened for the, unthinkable loss, that our friends are undergoing.

I think of Manda…and I never met her…but she meant something to me…and I am sorry…

adult alone anxious black and white

Photo by Kat Jayne on Pexels.com

9 responses

  1. The call I received was unbelievable, can’t explain how much my heart hurt as I know, so many of ours did. This is all my head keeps saying, it’s not real, I don’t believe it!!
    It swiftly took me back when we lost my stepson at the age if 21…NOTHING on this earth can prepare you for the loss of a child, no matter the age!
    I found myself without anyway of helping, all I could send, was, I LOVE YOU.

    1. There is no, easy answer,… only sadness and grief

    2. Love…is our most powerful offering!

      1. Thank you, I sincerely needed that, your words are so true!

  2. My condolences to your friend for the loss of her daughter. it is hard to lose any member of family. May they find peace knowing that she is safe in heaven and blessing them from above.

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