The Joy Of Living!

As Jonathon and I were walking campus, today, I could not help but revel in the 60 degree temperatures

After the, extreme, cold of this past winter; the warming weather brings a lightness of step and and brightness of attitude regarding our future!


We saw Southern Illinois University president, Dr. Kevin Dorsey, as we sat at the fountain, discussing our weekend plans.  Dr. Dorsey is a fine man and a respected professional.  I called out to him and he waved and smiled the smile of a leader that is secure in his life and the works thereof!

IMG_4083 2

Jonathon asked me if I had read the, breaking news, that Illinois governor J.B. Pritzker had replaced five of the seven members of the university’s board of trustees?  I told him that I had not…but I was saddened to hear the Joel Sambursky had been replaced.  During the, recent, controversy, of the removal of university president, Randy Dunn, Mr. Sambursky exhibited great courage and a dedication to ethical and fiduciary certitude!

That being said, I do admire and respect three of the five new board of members, who I have witnessed in action many times, in the last decade.

One thing is certain…Southern Illinois University is under the oversight of new leadership.

IMG_4088 2

As I walk the, beautiful, campus of SIUC…I am constantly looking for signs of spring!

The red bud trees, that are native to our region, are outstanding in their supine spring splendor!

We seek renewal!  We need rejuvenation and jolt of life’s nectar to enliven us and charge us with the joy of living the wonderful life that we have been given!

Often the tasks that we are given…just to survive in life seem overwhelming!

Many times we work for others who seem to not appreciate our efforts.  In these situations I take comfort in my conviction that the work that I am performing is the…right thing to do!

‘Weeping may endure for a night…but joy cometh in the morning!’   Psalm 30:5

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