Understanding The Sacrifice?

Mary Jane and I were talking this morning about the many civil service staff that work, countless hours, without pay…due to their dedication to producing an excellent work product and ensuring the success of Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale!

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It would be a myth that civil service are; lazy or not inspired or out for what they can get from the University!

My last blog received positive input from my colleagues at SIUC…and it has caused me to think more about what the civil service staff community knows to be true…but what, perhaps is hidden from the Universities leaders?


We were speaking of a clerical employee, many years ago, who was working many hours and not asking for either overtime or comp time.  She was working the additional hours to ensure that her work product was 100%…always!

When I was working for the University…it was not unusual for me to see not only my director arrive, at the beginning of the day…but also to be there when he concluded his day.  The same could be said for the Chancellor off the University.

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I have often thought that the University administration does not fully appreciate the life long dedication that the civil service staff has for their school.

I have a friend who works, many extra hours, joyfully in the pursuit of aiding SIUC to return to it’s former greatness!

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As the manager off the housekeeping department I, regularly, witnessed members of our staff working through their lunch time and their breaks…with no thought of recompense.

I, to this day, see Range employees, who are non-union, working to the late hours of the night and on weekends and who require only the knowledge that their job and efforts are well done and appreciated!

My assistant worked hours into the evening…and often I did not realize it until someone told me about her, supremely, dedicated efforts.

We Southern Illinoisans are, often, lifelong residents of the most picturesque part of the state!  SIUC is our University…and we guard her as the precious jewel that she is!

Over the past 40 years the University has experienced 16 chancellors…some were with us but a short time….and we have not faltered or flagged or failed in our efforts to keep the great ship of Southern Illinois University on course!

We do this without our opinion being sought or our efforts being recognized.  We do it because we love the institution!

During the past 20 years the enrollment of our, ‘Lady,’ has diminished….and we have taken on the task of an extra, unfilled civil service position…or two extra…or three extra…and not complained…because we understand the circumstances….

I walk the beautiful campus of SIUC…every day.  I see the dedicated Grounds Staff working…every day!  I have been complimented on the wonderful photos of the campus on numerous occasions!  The next time you appreciate the luxurious beauty of our campus or the cleanliness of our buildings….thank a Grounds worker or a member of the Building Service staff!

Imagine SIUC…without the civil service staff?


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