Our Children Are Afraid!

‘The sixth-grader stood outside his Colorado charter school, ,one arm wrapped around his dad, while he described how he planned to thwart an active shooter.’

‘I had my hand on a metal baseball bat, just in case, ‘ Nate Holley told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin, looking  straight into the camera.  ‘Cause I was going to go down fighting if I was going to go down.’    Washington Post


When I began first grade, in 1962, the thought of an active shooter…never crossed my mind.  I was afraid of a nuclear bomb being dropped on my school…due to our incessant ‘bomb drills’ where we knelt under our desks and covered our heads with our hands!

But the bomb never dropped…and none of us died.


‘It was three days before the last day of school, and the students inside Ms. Harper’s English classroom were whiling away the last period of the day watching, ‘The Princess Bride’ when one of their classmates walked in late and pulled out a gun.’

‘The only thing he said out loud to the students was, ‘Don’t you move,’ said Nui Giasolli, an 18 year old senior who was in the class at the time.’

‘In the moment, she recalled, Kendrick Castillo, a gentle teenager fascinated by cars and engineering, lunged to stop the gunman and and was shot dead.  Eight other students were wounded in the shooting at STEM School Highlands Ranch on Tuesday afternoon, which the authorities said was carried out by two other students.’    The New York Times

When we had recess in my schools of, Hillcrest and Washington School, in Eldorado, Illinois…we played on the monkey bars and enjoyed the carousel that you could spin at phenomenal speeds…and, in the cold weather, we played, ‘steal-the-bacon,’…which I never mastered!

One November day we had an announcement over the loud speaker, that was in every classroom, that President Kennedy had  been shot!  Although the tragedy took place in Texas…it seemed a millions miles away.  The danger and carnage and destruction and death…was a television event and not our, grade school reality!

It has been only a few short years ago that a school shooting was a national tragedy! Network television as well as all cable news outlets discontinued regular programing and focused on the heinous event!

Now, school shooting have become so, macabrely, common place that they merit news coveralls on the equivalent of, ‘below the fold’ on the first page or often on the sixth page of a print newspaper!


I read about the Kent State shooting of four college students…and could not believe what our government had fallen too!


The Vietnam war was on my television, every evening…and Walter Cronkite reported how many Vietnamese has been killed that day and how many Americans had lost their lives.

In high school our principal roamed the hallways and looked like an tough guy…and I did not want to find out if he was!

Now, armed, police officers roam many of the school hallways of our land…and still we have the scourge of mass murder of…children!

When will the deaths of our children be enough?

When we will decide that it is…wrong…that our sixth graders have a plan of fighting, active shooters?

When will it not be…an earth shattering…full stop on the accepted routine of mass murder of our young people…in the places that they go to receive an education?

When will we decide and, equate, the importance of a fetal heartbeat  and  an embryo and a zygote…with the continued, sacredness of our children’s lives?



Note: Photos of ‘Bomb Safety’ and Kent Sate Shootings are courtesy of Google.



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