Take Time To Pause…

Our frenetic and hectic world moves much faster than what we humans are designed for.  As we strive to be the best, in every roll that we play, we often feel that we must make snap decisions regarding lifetime events!

IMG_4982Feelings or emotions can change in the light of day…or over time, as circumstances change.

Reflection and thought are beautiful things!  I have ruminated one some moves or changes in my life…for months and even years, before making the decision.

I was watching network television the other evening and I could not help but notice that the scene on the television changed every few seconds.  I found it dizzying and disorienting!  I knew that it did not appeal to me, a member in good standing of the Baby Boomer generation, but I considered that it must be inviting to the current generation?

We are a bit conditioned to believe that we should solve most pressing problems in 30 minutes or less.

We love media and movies and screens and smart phones!

IMG_4989Moses did not go up Mr. Sinai to commune with God…for 40 minutes…he went for 40 days..and he led the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt…to wander the desert looking for the promised land…for 40 years!

The Bible is a wonderful book describing the Hebrew and Christian faith.  It was not written during a sabbatical!

IMG_4983Our media star culture makes heroes out of people who really have not accomplished anything heroic!  We seek a panacea and a cure for our many ills by searching for someone to become our, Golden Calf!

Life occurs very fast, especially when you look back on it…but many elements that your are waring upon seem excruciatingly slow…while you are waiting?

photo of family on seashore

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

I recall waiting to be offered the opportunity to become a Foreman in Building Services at SIUC.  I was passed not once…but twice…and I felt like all of my hard work had gone unnoticed and that I was marked to never be chosen…and I was 27 years old!

I thought that I might never have a nice home and was a bit embarrassed for my family that I did not seem to be able to accomplish more…although I worked steadily.  We have lived in our, new house, for over 18 years…and still enjoy every minute of it.


It seemed that I would never get the opportunity to retire!  Several years of my employment were fraught with uncertainty and worry…I have been retired 8 years!

low angle photography of gray stone house on boulder

Photo by Matt Hardy on Pexels.com

There is a comfort in old churches and universities.  They have an aged permanence about them.  There is a surety that although the rain and storms and snow and wind and ice…fall upon them…there is un-dying wisdom contained within!




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