The Jazz Man

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We visited Maine this past week and during that time I was inspired to begin a new blog titled; the jazzman.

Maine is inspirational to me.  Our visit was the third that we have made and I felt that it was time to create a new blog that was, solely, dedicated to fictional writing, that is loosely based on my life experiences…at times, and with the goal of expanding love and understanding rather than hate and name calling!

IMG_5259 2I know that all of we humans are connected and that each of us are important to the other’s success!

I watched several millennials and other young people, during our vacation, and I observed that they are living in their own heads!  Between their I Phones and their I Pads and their laptop computers….other humans are little more than a nuisance!

Maine takes you back to the fundamentals of life!


I, attentively, listened to two young women speak to each other on the two hour flight from Washington D.C. to St. Louis and I was struck by their disconnect from their fellow human beings.

They, apparently, were both project managers and they spoke of their ability to deliver programs for companies, that they hid from the rank and file until the last minute.  They noted that, ‘people did not want to get rid of their babies for their superior plan,’ and that it was important to not reveal their ‘purpose’ until the last minute!

As we flew over many flooded areas in St. Louis they speculated as to where the boat  docks and the boats were…and one of them mused as to whether there would be, ‘delivery to the door…Sushi…in St. Louis?’

Jazz is spontaneous and creative in the moment!  Jazz allows for a rewriting of the musical story…as it is being performed!  Jazz allows for a renaissance of thinking!

Please join me at:,  for fictional writings that are loosely based on my life experiences…at times, and an exercise in the expansion of thought!


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