Summer Interlude

The 4th of July has arrived and I am thinking of the many 4th’s that have preceded it.   For several years we enjoyed the 4th of July festivities with my brother-in-law and his family.  They live on a lake and one of our 4th of July traditions was to ride with them, in their pontoon boat, across the lake and enjoy the unique experience of being on the water…without a care in the world!

We have attended when our kids were still in school and we were concerned about all of the issues that surround teenagers and their development.  We have been there when there were many guests and the hustle and bustle of the holiday and the energy of youth was inspiring!  We were there when our great niece was a baby…and we marked the occasion with Waterford Crystal Christmas ornaments!  Tomorrow we shall attend her housewarming and we are excited and honored and aware of how fast time passes by!

We can not help but notice that not only are we getting older…but we are old in the eyes of millennials!

I retired eight and one half years ago…while Mary Jane retired two months later.  I recall enjoying Christmas dinner with my buddy, Ron, and reflecting on our up-coming January trip to Jamaica.  I was newly retired and excited about the world before me as a free man!  I so enjoyed my time with Ron that I was extremely enthused about our potential to travel together for our retirement years!  I could not believe my and Mary Jane’s good fortune!

Ron and I discussed the meaning of life and the joys of old age and retirement and the pleasure of a good glass of red!

Life passes so quickly and it is vital that we savor every drop of the miracle that God has given us!



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