The Dinner

Future Shock!

The Jazz Man

‘Hurry Jose, it is almost time for our guests,’ said Juanita!

‘I am ready accept for putting on my shoes,’ replied Jose.

‘Jose, when you are finished putting on your shoes please check on the beef tartar and the asparagus, asked Juanita?

‘Raul and Esmerelda, please set the table and open the front and back doors to the great hall so that we will have a good flow of cool air for our dinner, said Jose.’

Juanita  thought of how much she liked Pam and Clark.  They were both such sweet and kind people!  Pam was always helping with school functions and Clark coached the little league baseball team that both Raul and Esmerelda were on.  Suddenly there was a knock on the door of the parlor and when Juanita opened it and there was her order of fresh Maine lobster that she had overnighted, at some significant expense, in…

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