Billy Bump talks about his friends!

The Jazz Man

Billy Bump was looking for friends.  He had watched the dynamic of friendship throughout his life and he understood that to have a friend a person must be a friend!  Although the statement seems profound in it’s simplicity…it carries a lot of weight.

Billy, as a youngster became friends with Jeff.  Jeff is Jewish and taught Billy many Jewish traditions and introduced him to Kosher foods and was an all around mensch!  Billy was honored to speak at one of Jeff’s business meetings a few years ago in the United Kingdom.  He enjoyed reminiscing about he and Jeff’s over 40 years friendship and his admiration for all that Jeff has accomplished!

Billy, through his analysis, had found that the best friends are those who like you for yourself and not what you can do for them.  Friendship was not conditional nor subject to financial or political or religious affiliations.  Friends…

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