A Wrestling Match

Another Jonathon Brooks literary 💎!


For many years now I have loved the New Testament Bible idea of fighting the good fight. Fighting isn’t always senseless or unnecessary. Fighting can be a good, or great, pursuit. I have fought for every ounce of happiness I have ever enjoyed throughout my adulthood. I have fought to follow Christ. I have wrestled with God. I have fought to become a good man. I have fought to say farewell to the devil. I have fought to live a life full of light and to share this light with friends and strangers. The good fight is a high aspiration and noble pursuit!

If you are fighting battles for the right reason I sincerely hope you win the wars. It is easy and tempting to say the words, Woe is me. The stuff worth having in life is attained often through wrestling with difficulties. Perhaps many are close to achieving…

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