Rye Whiskey and Life on Mars

A possible future!

The Jazz Man

The evening breeze was pleasant.  Phobos and Deimos were full, and shown brilliantly in the dark night sky! Anna was listening to the rain music that had been playing for the last hour or so.  The music was so captivating that it was difficult to put into words the feelings that it engendered and the emotions that arose from listening to it.  Anna often thought that without the soothing of the rain music she could not endure her new home.  As she peered out of her window wall she was amazed at the transformation that the landscape took.  First it was a desert and the sand dunes were resplendent in the light of the afternoon sun.  Then it was the coast of Maine and the waves of the Atlantic Ocean were rhythmically beating against the rocky shore.  Finally she witnessed with amazement the depths of the Pacific Ocean and the…

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