Smile…It Is Almost September!

My favorite four months of the year are knocking at my door!  I love autumn!  The cooler temperatures and the falling leaves pumpkin spice coffee and the holiday season are my medicine for the year.

I will let you in on a little secret that you will not hear many people admit to….I like shorter days!  Oh yes…you heard correctly….I enjoy long nights and shorter days.  It could be something to do with the fact that I worked nearly 20 of my 32 + years at the University on evenings and night shifts.

The calm and measured grandeur of the earth at rest and preparing for its winters nap is an elixir to me and a balm for a weary soul.  There is an order and a system and a methodical purpose to life with the kids in school and Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale in full fall swing.  Life’s balance is on display when the sun filled fun of summer gives way to the quiet and studied academia of fall…with both eyes looking ahead towards Thanksgiving and Christmas.


No matter our age, a happy life is a mixture of work and play.

Oh, but, there are the ever present changes the come to our serene lives.  Some by design while others must be reacted to…and they seem to be the predominate culprits!


Often we perform the same maneuvers to facilitate hurdling a roadblock that is in our path and, sadly, receive the same negative results.

Perhaps we desire to loose weight and refuse to make any changes toward that goal?

It could be that we work for a thoughtless bully.  We continue to explain to the bully why they are the bully…and they continue to go right on down the bullying path.

Maybe we are facing a mountain and would rather burrow though it than climb it?

It has been said that the only thing that is certain about life…is change.

We can be members of a church and seeking Gods will for our future and refuse to change our way of doing things.  We may say that I have been a member of this church for 50 years and we have always done it this way!  We may point to our mother and father before us and exclaim that we are worshipping just like mom and dad did and that it worked just fine for them.  As our numbers diminish and the society around us cries out for someone to care about them…perhaps we should change our way of doing certain things?

The earth changes each season.  A tree loses all of its leaves in the fall.  The green grass in my yard withers and dies and I no longer need my mowing service.  The short sleeves that I enjoy wearing all summer yield to a sweater and then a jacket and then a coat…as the temperatures diminish from 100 degrees to 1 degree!  Change is not only real… it is dynamic!  It is the catalyst that propels we humans forward!

‘Two Coats’

‘Two coats were before me, an old and a new

I could have either, so what must I do

One coat was ugly and terribly torn

The other a new one, and never been worn’


‘I’ll tell you the best thing I ever did do

I laid off the old coat and put on the new’


‘The old coat was earthly and not fit to wear

I thought of it often and shed many a tear

Then there was a clean one presented to view

I laid off the old coat and put on the new’


‘The first man was early and made on the ground

We all bore his image, the whole world around

The next was my Savior from Heaven so fair

He gave me this new coat you now see me wear’


‘Now this coat it fits me and keeps me so warm

Its good in the winter, its good in the storm

My Savior has dressed me in garments so rare

He fills me with glory, his image I’ll bear’


Patty Loveless


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