Labor Day Fairytale II

The conclusion of the Labor Day Fairytale!

The Jazz Man

So, there the Bump family was…at the hospital with Jane Bump’s twisted ankle!  She was pleading for pain pills, and this was before oxycodone and she swore that she truly believed that she was dieing!  The doctor arrive and subsequently x-rayed the injured area only to discover that it was but a light sprang.  He bandaged it and prescribed St. Joseph Baby Aspirin.

mafia boss man hat Photo by Pixabay on

Now, Jim was taken to St. Mary’s hospital in Chicago and examined for the severe blow to his chest by the errant Jai alai ball that hit his at 87 miles per hour directly bin the center of his chest.  He was found to be fine from his Jai alai injury but suffering from his 40 years of smoking and counseled to quit immediately!

George had decided that it was time to introduce Billy B. into the mafia lifestyle and he had…

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