Let’s Stop The Precipitous Slide…By Returning To What Works?

‘Nursing program earns IBHE approval’

‘Carbondale, Ill. – The Illinois Board of Higher Education today (Aug. 6) approved the creation of a nursing program for Southern Illinois University Carbondale.’

‘Pre-nursing students can enroll in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree program this fall, taking core classes before the full nursing curriculum starts in fall 2020.’    SIU News

IMG_0037 2

The work that Interim Chancellor John Dunn, and others, have done to facilitate the creation of this nursing program in partnership with Southern Illinois Healthcare is an outstanding addition to Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale and the entire Southern Illinois region!


Former Chancellor Carlo Montemagno proposed a police academy as a component of his academic restructuring program.  It was protested by some students and he said, in 2018, that he would leave it to the faculty to determine if there was a police academy or not?


Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale needs programs that are in demand for todays students!  No matter your love for the purity of academic pursuits and the joy of learning and expanding your mind and scope in today’s world…you still have to earn a living!


In the early 1990’s SIUC had many two year associate degree programs that were infinitely popular!  The University was at it’s zenith in enrollment with almost 25,000 students on the Carbondale campus.  The Chancellor, at that time, stated that we wanted to be more like the University of Illinois and perhaps surpass them.  Subsequently we gave our associate degree programs to the junior colleges…and that was the beginning of our enrollment decline!

As I was walking my beloved campus today…I saw many eager students who are actively engaging in their higher education.  I reflected on the thousands of students that it has been my honor to know over the past 41 years!  So many of these scholars found their destiny and careers and callings…at Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale.

A University for first generations students!

A University of multiple generations of one family!

A University for peoples from over 70 nations!

A University that welcomed African American students…long before the civil rights movement!

A University that was accessible for the disabled….long before it was required by the American Disability Act of the 1990’s!

A University for the working middle class!

A University that has a theatre program that is on par with Broadway!

As I was walling through Morris Library I saw my friend, Wendi, who is a professor in the theatre department.  She was showing her students good books regrinding costume designing.  Wendi is a wonderful example of the dedication of the SIUC faculty!

I hail from the civil service ranks.  My career at Southern was 32 years and 2 months and 3 weeks…and I have returned almost every day to her…for the past 9 years!

Civil service staff are the engine that keeps the great ship of SIUC running!  Without them…there would be no University!

I watched the young people that were in Wendi’s class…and I was heartened and took renewed hope…we are going to be alright!

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