Plant and Service Operations Exemplary Work!

For my 32 years and 2 months and 3 weeks career at Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale I worked in the Building Services division of the Physical Plant.  During those years I discovered that I was privileged to work alongside some of the most dedicated professionals that I had ever witnessed.

IMG_1143 2

I was speaking with my friend, Peter, the other day and he mentioned the great physical improvements that had been made around campus in the past few years.  One that is noteworthy is the Woody Hall renovation.


I walk campus daily.  I never fail to see our dedicated Grounds staff busily at work…our campus is lovely!

IMG_1166 2

For the past several days I have watched staff working on windows and using using high-lifts to reach them.  Last week I saw Building Services staff washing windows.

I enjoyed visiting with my friend of over 30 years, Brad Dillard, who is the director of PSO.  I told him that I did not know how he was able to hold it altogether with the numerous budget cuts that PSO had endured…including the last 20 years of my career!  Brad responded that it was all attributable to his wonderful staff!


PSO staff love their University!  They not only are dedicated to SIUC….but they daily perform herculean efforts to make it a success!

IMG_3058 2

There is a constant at our University that is unmovable and unshakable and who can be relied upon in the darkest of times.  The wonderful civil service staff is working for the recruitment and retention of our precious students…and our students know it!

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