Autumn Mysteries

Billy B. and Carl encounter Frankenstein and the Creature from the Black Lagoon!

The Jazz Man

The first day of Fall this year is on Monday, September 23rd…or 10 days from today!

For Billy Bump the first day of Fall could not come quick enough.  He was excited about playing the Creature from the Black Lagoon in his cousin, Gene’s, home movie.  Gene was a monster aficionado and an adept researcher of all things horror.  He subscribed to Forest J. Ackerman’s Monster Magazines and had collected a room full of professional monster masks.  Gene could tell you anything that you wanted to know about the original Dracula movie with Bella Lugosi as it’s star, or spin behind the scenes movie yarns regarding, Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein for hours on end!


Gene knew the co-stars of the monster and horror movies going back to the 1930’s and had a ready knowledge of the production problems that the various movies had undergone and the rationale for why Dracula transformed…

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