Apple Laptop Shopping?

My 2013 Macbook is preparing to bite the dust…I think?

I have used it daily since 2014 and I love the convenience of it and the efficiency that it brings to my primary habit of blogging!

So, in October Mary Jane is looking for a new I Pad and I am in the market for a new laptop.  What is the type of laptop that you use and why do you like it?  I am looking for something that is light in weight and excellent for word processing.  We will be in St. Louis for a couple of days and we literally love to go to the Apple store in the Galleria!  I recently purchased a new I Phone at the Apple store in the Galleria Mall and I am so pleased with it.  The time that the Apple attendants take with customers is wonderful!  The ensure that you understand the device that you are interested in or have purchased and their customer service is unparalleled!

grayscale photo of computer laptop near white notebook and ceramic mug on table

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I had been an intermittent blogger from 2012…until Mary Jane and I took a month long visit to Europe with our dear friends, Margo and Jeff.  When we stayed with Margo and Jeff for a week in Nice, France…I observed what a serious author that Margo was.  As she showed us her office and spoke of her writing I decided to dedicate myself to a desire that I have had since I was a youngster…writing!  Since that visit…I have written virtually every day….for five years!

We had the opportunity to visit a lecture by the renowned author, Patricia Sands, and I absorbed the love and acceptance of the French authors that were present as well as Ms. Sands…who was very welcoming and pleased that we were in attendance.

Nice is a magnificent city!  As we toured Nice I reflected on the many writings of Margo and I understood the history of the area…so much better and fuller!


During that month long visit we visited Venice and Florence, Italy.  Words can not describe the beauty of Venice!  Margo told me of the syndrome that struck some visitors  to Florence when they are witness to the preponderance of art and sculptor and paintings and architecture and Renaissance beauty that is Florence!  The tourists become a bit overwhelmed and dizzy with the magnificence of what the Medici family have wrought!


During this month long sojourn of 2014…we also lodged in an ancient farmhouse in Tuscany!  A portion of the farmhouse was constructed  in the 1200’s while the new section was from the 1700’s.


We attended a spa in Montacateni  Terme, which was at the foot of the mountain that the ancient farmhouse was on.  Jeff told me that we must enjoy a swim and a sauna before the massage that would be administered by experts.

The swim I enjoyed very much.  The water was warm and there was a waterfall and I felt refreshed after Jeff and Margo and I had a breathing treatment from steam wafting forth from the mineral springs that fed the spa.

The sauna was an fun time with Jeff bringing me cold water to drink about every five minutes and the feeling that I had never been hotter than at that moment!

The massage experience was unlike anything that I have ever undergone in my life!  Margo and Mary Jane went before us.  They had taken soothing mineral baths while Jeff and I had chosen the sauna.  When the ladies came out to retrieve Jeff and I…the one who was my masseuse proclaimed that she wanted the husband of Mary!

As my massager and I travelled back to the massage room I asked the physical professional…how she was doing?  She responded with a glaring stare that let me know that she must have heard or interpreted my comments as something different than I had uttered.

I then commented that she must be working hard…and she noted that I was assuredly doing better than her…as I was on vacation.

When we entered the room…the masseuse instructed me to take off all of my clothes and put on paper biking pants.  When I protested that my European friend and assured me that I could leave my shorts on…she insisted….bikini pants…and she illustrated what was the front…and what was the back.  She noted that she would leave the room and return shortly.  I hurriedly did as I was told!

When the masseuses returned she instructed me to sit in front of a full length mirror and close my eyes.  I was glad to close my eyes…as I had a distinct resemblance to Buddah!  She then poured oil over my head and it ran down on to my face and chest and shoulders…and she admonished me to….relax!

The patroness of the ancient Tuscany farmhouse made us breakfast one morning and dinner one evening.  The food was delicious and she was mercurial!  She and her son went to feed their chickens after we had retired to bed.  She spoke loudly and passionately and some of us were scared…but I was intrigued!

The Tuscany Matron had little kittens that she alternately kissed and subsequently boxed their ears!  We drove down the hairpin path to Montacateni Terme, the first night that we were there to attend a Village Fair.  There was Italian beer and cuisine and we sat at a long table and and our host was at one end of the table and I was at the other…and he raised his beer, in a toast to me, and I did the same…and I felt that I was a member of the Village!





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