Beautiful Campus!

IMG_5388As Jonathon and I were walking the campus of Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale I  was humbled by the embarrassment of riches that our natural surroundings provide!

IMG_1531Having been affiliated with SIUC for 41 years…I never tire of it’s intricate wonders!

IMG_4279 5I am so very proud of the work that my friend and former colleague, Elizabeth Cheek, has accomplished to facilitate SIUC being named the highest accredited university arboretum in Illinois!

‘Southern Illinois University Carbondale has long been known for its beautiful campus and its commitment to nurturing forested area and incorporating educational components recently earned national recognition.’    SIU News

‘SIU is the first university in the state to earn Level II Arboretum Accreditation from the ArbNet Arboretum Accreditation Program and SIU in now featured in the Morton Register of Arboreta.  This is the only global initiative that officially recognizes arboreta for development, capacity and professionalism.’    SIU News

As the years role by I have focused more on what matters…what is enduring?  I think that we are, perhaps, renters, of the glories of our planet and its magnificent bounty. I have found Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale to be a peaceful oasis in a world of disruption.  In the majesty of Little Egypt there is a way station that all are welcome at.  Whatever your nationality or religion…or no religion…you are welcome to drink of the fount of knowledge and to enjoy the unparalleled wonders of nature!

IMG_2173 2There is an ethereal quality to the SIUC campus that calms the emotions and focuses the mind and spirit.  Many who have traveled to Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale…have chosen to never leave…it is difficult to leave Nirvana!

IMG_7240IMG_9152 2IMG_4982IMG_4350 2

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